Korea Business Tips: “What Gift-Giving Guidelines Can I Follow to Further My Business in Korea?”

Gift-giving is deeply embedded in the Korean culture, both in and out of the office. Because of the importance of gift-giving, an entire module of the Business Culture Fundamentals Specialization of the KBC Professional Certification Program deals with it.

Recently, KBC Member Rich DeBourke took the time to send me insights about this important content of the KBC Professional Certification Program.

Quick Tips for Gift-Giving in Korea

Here are a few highlights from Rich’s feedback:

  • Liquor is a great gift to give in Korea. But buy Scotch whiskey, not rum or vodka.
  • Packaging means everything. Don’t just take a bag of fruit; make sure it’s in a gift box.
  • The appropriate gift for weddings, funerals and baby birthdays of business associates is cash (and only cash).
  • Don’t open gifts you receive unless asked to do so by the giver… and don’t try it out!

To read the full commentary, visit Expanding on the KBC Professional Certification Program, Module 4 – “Gift-Giving in Korea”

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Rich DeBourke is Principal Consultant at SBF Consulting.

With over thirty years sales and marketing experience, focusing since 1995 on the Korean and Asia markets, selling multi-million dollar capital equipment systems. His background includes presenting at industrial seminars throughout Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China, as well as delivering presentations related to two of his personal interests, Odyssey of the Mind, and playground construction.

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