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My Kitchen Pitcher is Practical Because It Has a Handle!

You've got to feel a bit bad for the guy (or gal) charged with preparing the label for my office kitchen pitcher. I mean, how many features can one of these things really have? (See translation below photo.) T-pot!making your dining tablemore relaxing and stylish with T!     versatility...

Myunghee’s Chicken Ribs Restaurant at Nami Island

Myunghee's official name is "Myungsuk" and her family name is "Yoo", so this restaurant "Yoo Myungsuk" is named after her (or the owner whose name is evidently the same). And yes, chickens don't have ribs, but they still call the dish served here "chicken ribs".

Squid Bulgogi for Lunch at O-Cheom-Ji in Shillim-Dong

Myunghee and I had our second or third (can't remember which) date at this restaurant almost 18 years ago. As I recall, the last time we ate here was 2002. Heading home from an appointment in Seoul this morning on the green line, we got off at Shillim station and...

Odaeng on the Subway

I'm not a big fan of this boiled ground fish snack, but the rest of the family enjoys it. We were headed into Seoul to visit Namsan Tower on Sunday.