Korean Financial and Accounting Translation

Improve your investment returns with expert Korean financial and accounting translation services.

I will help you to:

  • Invest and do business in Korea
  • Meet financial regulatory requirements in Korea
  • Communicate with contacts in Korea
  • Get financial information about Korea
  • Achieve other goals requiring Korean translation support

You can expect from me:

  • Accurate, well-written, and well-formatted translations that are easy to understand
  • On-time delivery every time, sometimes with overnight turnaround
  • Prompt and thorough communication before, during, and after your project
  • Consistently high quality from project to project by leveraging technology and best-practice workflows
  • Transparent pricing structure that may reduce your costs over time
  • Accountability through workflow verifiability, US-based business registration, professional liability insurance, and my “Consistently Good Work” Pledge
  • Confidential handling of and respect for your intellectual property

Approximate rate ranges:
Premium Korean>English translation: US$0.12–0.19/Korean character
Premium English>Korean translation: US$0.22–0.36/English word
Budget Korean>English translation: US$0.08–0.10/Korean character
Korean>English revision (editing/proofreading): US$0.03–0.07/Korean character
Hourly support services: US$60–130/hour

Visit Rates & Pricing for further details, including discount options.

Financial documents I translate

  • Financial statements of Korean companies
  • Korean tax statements
  • Financial analysis on Korean firms, as well as reports in the Korean financial press
  • Investment proposals to Korean investors

“Steven and his team could not have been more helpful.  The project was completed on time, professionally, and efficiently.  Steven was extremely responsive and clearly cared about the success of the project. I can recommend Steven and his team without hesitation.”

Win Browning, Fore Research & Management, LP (New York, NY)

Financial statements of Korean companies

Financial statements of Korean companies contain critical information about corporate financial position and business activities. However, financial concepts are not easy to understand, and the terminology is highly specialized.

I understand how Korean companies operate and am familiar with the accounting terminology on financial statements, as well as the financial jargon of investment securities. I am also knowledgeable about many of the fields in which Korean companies operate.

As a Korean financial translator, I have produced English translations of many Korean financial statements for international investors in and business partners of Korean companies.

Korean tax statements

Over the years, I’ve translated a wide range of Korean tax documents for hundreds of clients. These include official tax invoices, receipts and statements; income and other tax filings; certificates of tax withholding on all kinds of income (including wage income, interest and dividend income, retirement income, etc.); tax clearance certificates, and others.

Contact me if you’ve got a Korean tax statement that you need translated into English. I’ll not only translate it accurately, but I’ll also provide you with a well-formatted Word file in English that will look like the original!

Financial analysis on Korean companies, as well as reports in the Korean financial press

Most of the news published through the Korean financial press–as well as all kinds of in-depth analyses on Korean companies–is written in Korean. I can give you quick and easy access to articles and reports in English. Whatever your information needs, I will provide you with professional Korean translation of financial materials.

Investment proposals to Korean investors

Korean investors with deep pockets are looking for investment opportunities around the world. As a result, my team and I often provide Korean-to-English translation of English presentations and other marketing materials from international investment funds. We also handle marketing content for municipal, county, and state governments outside Korea working to attract investments from Korean multinational firms. Our Korean-language translations allow our clients to present effectively to Korean investors.

These presentations cover complicated topics, especially sections on investment strategy and the parts that reflect local conditions and cultural nuances. Thanks to my expertise as a Korean financial translator and my native English fluency, I understand the key concepts. I also know how to communicate those ideas effectively in Korean. Working together, my team and I translate difficult financial content correctly and clearly. Contact me for high-quality translation from English into Korean of your investment presentations and other IR materials.