Responsive Service & Communication

Expect thorough, accurate, and timely communication and delivery on your Korean translation project.

My clients don’t worry whether I’ll understand their messages, or if I’ll reply promptly to emails or phone calls. They depend on a job done right the first time and delivered on time every time. Better communication and dependable service result in fewer delays, mistakes, and oversights, and ultimately, in more translation value.

Factors of service and communication
  • Prompt, on-time
  • Direct linguist access
  • Fast, easy, and complete communication

“Service was quick; quality was excellent. We completed all of the tasks with Korean Consulting over the Internet. It was the most efficient translation work I’ve ever experienced. One more thing… Price was very competitive.”

Krislyn A. (Hospital and Medical Center – Los Angeles, California)

Prompt, on-time delivery

On-time delivery is fundamental to providing full translation value. Even small delays can compromise the work; late deliveries also violate trust and create ill-will. This means that being on-time 95% of the time is not enough; true dependability must be 100%.

How I provide deadline dependability

I agree to aggressive deadlines when I can, but I don’t overpromise. If I accept work with a deadline, I will deliver it on-time.

Direct linguist access

In today’s fragmented translation market, there are as many unique workflows as there are translation providers. Many online services providing cheap translation are entirely impersonal and anonymous; you’ll never know who translated your document. However, even with more reputable agencies, you’ll likely deal with a project manager who isn’t the actual translator and may not understand Korean. In these cases, communication about the work passes through multiple steps, and you can’t count on prompt, or even complete, answers to detailed questions.

How I provide direct linguist contact

I personally translate every Korean-to-English job that I handle, and you are never more than an email or phone call away from speaking with me about your translation. Even on the English-to-Korean jobs that I handle with my team in Korea, I am intimately involved on every aspect of the work. In many cases, I do a word-for-word proof of the translation my team sends me. Thus, working with me, you always have access to the linguist who knows your project from the inside out and can communicate with you about it directly.

Fast, easy, and complete communication

Being able to communicate in the way and at the times that are convenient to you is vital. What will you do if you need advice or information about your project now, and your translation project contact is asleep on the other side of the world? The time-difference could mean having to accommodate your provider’s schedule by waiting until odd hours for replies. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with someone in Korea who doesn’t read and write English as a native English speaker, then your detailed project instructions could easily be misunderstood, and messages may get lost (ironically) “in translation.”

How I deliver prompt, easy, and complete communication

You should never be frustrated in the process of communicating about a premium Korean translation project. I am available during US business hours and beyond. You can reach me by phone and email, and expect replies promptly. Furthermore, you won’t have to dumb-down your English to get your point across, and I won’t leave you wondering what I just said.