Expert Korean Document Translation

Don’t leave your important Korean translations to chance!

I will help you to:

  • Sell products in Korea
  • Meet regulatory requirements in Korea
  • Communicate with global teams in Korea
  • Get market information about Korea
  • Achieve other goals requiring Korean translation support

You can expect from me:

  • Accurate, well-written, and well-formatted translations of your documents
  • On-time delivery every time, sometimes with overnight turnaround
  • Prompt and thorough communication before, during, and after your project
  • Single source for both English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English translation
    • I personally translate every Korean-to-English translation project myself.
    • My team and I work together on a best-practice, six-eye translation-edit-QA process for English-to-Korean translation jobs.
  • Consistently high quality from project to project by leveraging technology and best-practice workflows
  • Transparent pricing structure with discounts that increase over time
  • Accountability through workflow verifiability, US-based business registration, professional liability insurance, and my “Consistently Good Work” Pledge
  • Confidential handling of and respect for your intellectual property, including workflow options with additional security

“Thank you, Steven. I appreciate all your help and your attention to detail. I will let you know if we come across any issues. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

M. Harris Stamey, Esq. (Porter & Hedges LLP – Houston, Texas)