Strong Security & Accountability

Depend on professional confidentiality and accountability during and after your Korean translation project.

Confidentiality and accountability are essential building blocks of trust on translation projects involving sensitive content. I provide end-to-end professionalism on every translation job.

Factors of security and trust
  • Confidentiality
    • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements
    • Secure workflow
  • Accountability
    • Our “Consistently Good Work” Pledge
    • US-based corporate registration
    • Translation certification
    • Professional liability insurance

“Korean Consulting is an extraordinary company. For almost two years I’ve worked with Steven and he is a rock-solid dependable, flexible and extremely agreeable translator to work with!”

Katie A., NCsoft (Online Game Developer – Austin, Texas)


Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements

I am glad to sign your NDA or confidentiality agreement before viewing your documents; in a pinch, I can also send you a signed copy of my standard NDA. On quotes and Korean-to-English jobs, I’m the only person who ever sees your documents. For English-to-Korean work, I have long-standing confidentiality agreements in-place with my team. Still, if confidentiality is particularly important to you, and you let me know this up-front, I can have members of my team also sign your confidentiality agreement.

However, a signed non-disclosure agreement is only as meaningful as the robustness of the infrastructure to support it. Furthermore, confidentiality agreements may not be enforceable on a practical level against some overseas providers. This is why our additional measures and assurances described below build trust in our commitment to you.

Secure workflow

Confidentiality means that your content stays private. This goes beyond just an ordinary concern about data breaches. When handling medical documents, for instance, special legal requirements govern the processing of patient information. Content entered into free machine translation tools is no longer fully confidential, since Google, Microsoft, and other MT providers may further process the data for other uses. Furthermore, what happens after your project is over? Can you be sure that documents will be destroyed on request and that they will stay private? For clients expressing a need for special requirements, I offer a dedicated secure workflow that ensures the highest level of data security.

This workflow offers the following options, as required:

  • Work performed exclusively on a dedicated, secure computer with no permanent or offsite backup
  • Secure exchange of project files (not ordinary email)
  • Destruction of all project data upon completion of work and release of liability
  • No use of machine translation or text-to-speech software
  • No subcontracting of work (Korean>English translation) or redaction of sensitive personal information before offsite processing (English>Korean translation)
  • Other client-requested restrictions, including availability for outside audit of hardware and processes, online client-side server work, full GDPR compliance, etc.


Our “Consistently Good Work” Pledge

We pledge to deliver Consistently Good Quality on translations from English to Korean (translated and edited by my team and project- and quality-managed by me) and from Korean to English (always translated only by me) based on resources, processes, rules, and expectations agreed in advance with you.

We pledge to provide Consistently Good Service by communicating clearly, promptly, completely and accurately with a professional demeanor, by delivering on time or early, by following your project instructions and by otherwise sharing our deep expertise in Korea and Korean to help you maximize value in your work. We pledge to maintain the confidentiality of your data, respect your client relationships and recognize your ownership of the work product.

We pledge to offer Consistent and Transparent Pricing by charging and invoicing promptly as agreed in advance based on clearly defined and structured rates, discounts, and premiums.

We will accept only projects when I am confident that my team and/or I can fulfill this pledge and will charge full price only when we do fulfill it completely. Please let me know when and how we have fallen short so that I can make things right.

US-based corporate registration

While I’m currently located in Korea, I am a US citizen and my company, Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., is a US-based S corporation registered in Austin, Texas.

Translation certification

My company offers multiple levels of certification to stand behind the accuracy of our translation deliveries.

Professional liability insurance

We have carried $1 million of errors and omissions insurance for the past twenty consecutive years, without a single claim during over 20,000 discrete projects. This policy, with coverage through Lloyds of London, backs up our commitment to quality and confidentiality by protecting our clients.