Korean Family Documents

Translate your Korean family documents (aka “Korean birth certificate”) and get through the immigration process quickly and easily.

You will need to translate Korean family documents (Korean vital records) in the immigration process. These include Korean birth certificate, family census registers, extracts of family census register, basic certificates, marriage relationship certificates, and family relationship certificates.

Some of the above document types are now outdated (such as the family census register), and some are misnamed (mainly, the “Korean birth certificate”). However, regardless of the document you need translated, I will provide you with an excellent translation so that you and/or your loved ones can get through the immigration process as quickly and easily as possible.

“Hello Steven, I am so thankful I found your service… Your service is amazing and I am now one step closer to finding his fathers side of the family. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone in need of Korean translation. Thank you!!”

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Documents overview

Immigration from Korea to another country can be a long and complicated journey. I should know. Due to not having kept track of an important deadline, my wife and I had to go through the process of applying for her US permanent residence a second time!

One step in the immigration process is the translation of Korean vital records to English. Immigration departments worldwide often describe the required document as a “birth certificate.” However, though Korean birth certificates do exist, a birth certificate is not the Korean document you normally need to submit during the immigration process.

Following reform of the Korean family records system in 2012, the most common documents for translation are now the “family relationship certificate” (가족관계증명서), the “marriage relationship certificate” (혼인관계증명서), and the “basic certificate” (기본증명서).

Double-check with the immigration officer or your immigration attorney on the exact family records you need. However, these are the documents I almost always translate for clients working through the immigration process from Korea.

Make the immigration process easier for yourself by reading my article “Five Tips for Ensuring Your Korean Birth Certificate Translation Complies with Immigration Requirements“.

Translation process

The easiest way to get your Korean family documents to me for translation is to send me digital files. Scanning and attaching these files to an email usually works fine. But if the file sizes are too big to attach to an email, I can also provide you with an easy link for large-file transfer.

After I receive your Korean documents, I will review and email you a quote and proposed timeline. Once you approve and confirm the job, I can move forward with the work.

Before starting, I will also ask you for the English spellings you use for the Korean names on the family documents. It is important to maintain consistency of spelling in all the documents you submit in the immigration process in order to avoid confusion and delays.

You may also need to have the translation certified, or even notarized. I can provide certified/notarized Korean translation of your family records as well. Be sure to find out from the immigration officer the exact certification requirements, and whether the certification needs to be notarized. Also ask if you must submit originals from the translator, or if electronic copies will suffice. Let me know in advance exactly what your certification requirements are so that we can efficiently work out the costs and process before getting started.

I will prepare the English translation of your family documents in Microsoft Word and then convert these to a PDF file for you to review. My English translation will be formatted like the original Korean file, so it will be easy for you to know which text from the Korean file goes with which text in the English translation.

Costs and payment

My rates for translation are based on a variety of factors, including the number of pages and what your required schedule is. The cost usually comes to about $60/page, but I cannot quote you an exact price before seeing your files. Once you’ve sent me the Korean documents, I will review and let you know the cost. I almost always require advance payment for this type of project, and PayPal is usually the easiest and fastest method. My standard turnaround for small jobs is 2-3 days; I can also provide same-day service if you are in a rush.


The translation of your Korean family documents must be correct in every way; therefore, I work closely with you to ensure that the translation I provide keeps the immigration process moving along smoothly for you. Having translated hundreds of Korean family documents (also referred to as Korean vital documents or even “Korean birth certificates”) over the years, I understand the Korean family record system and translate everything according to best practices.

I look forward to helping you get through the immigration process with quality translations of your Korean family documents.