Premium English-to-Korean Document Translation

Communicate accurately in Korean with expert English-to-Korean document translation.

I will help you to:

  • Sell products in Korea
  • Meet regulatory requirements in Korea
  • Communicate with global teams in Korea
  • Get market information about Korea
  • Achieve other goals requiring English-to-Korean translation support

You can expect from me:

  • Accurate, well-written, and well-formatted English-to-Korean document translations that are easy to understand
  • On-time delivery every time, sometimes with overnight turnaround
  • Prompt and thorough communication before, during, and after your project
  • Consistently high quality from project to project by leveraging technology and best-practice workflows
  • Transparent pricing structure that may reduce your costs over time
  • Accountability through workflow verifiability, US-based business registration, professional liability insurance, and my “Consistently Good Work” Pledge
  • Confidential handling of and respect for your intellectual property

Approximate rate range: US$0.22–0.36/English word
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“Hi Steven, Just received rave reviews on the Boeing script! The voice talent who recorded the script said it was the best translation he’s read in a long time. He’s a well-known personality in Korean. Well done!”

Junko Hara, Project Manager (Corporate Translations, Inc. – Redondo Beach, CA)

Fields and documents we translate


Internal corporate communications, including emails and employee newsletters, as well as video subtitling; information about global corporate training and events; employee, supplier, and customer surveys, both online and in hardcopy forms; social media content and other online campaigns and marketing efforts; corporate introduction videos; press releases and other outward-facing corporate communication; business presentations and reports; requests for proposal (RFP) and requests for quotes (RFQ) on all types of business ventures

Legal complaints and briefs, including content for service of international summons documentation in international litigation; user, supplier, employee, joint-venture agreements, and many other types of contracts; corporate legal compliance training for a global workforce on all kinds of corporate policy regarding information protection (including GDPR), conflicts of interests, bribery and corruption, discrimination and harassment, and other similar topics; class-action litigation announcements and documentation; notices and announcements of local, state, and federal courts; patents, trademarks, and other documentation on intellectual property, including legal disputes

Products and services

Product labels, MSDS, and advertising/marketing flyers and brochures; user manuals, both in quick-start guide and book form; field reports on product and service quality


Investment proposals, pitches, and other advertising and marketing to Korean investors, both in document and presentation forms, as well as video and audio recordings; English-to-Korean document translation of investor-immigration marketing materials


Clinical study materials and correspondence, including protocols, informed consent forms (ICF), subject information sheets (SIS), communications to institutional review boards (IRB) and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), as well as advertising for subject recruitment; patient notices and instructions at hospitals and other medical institutions; medical product instructions for doctors, patients, and ordinary consumers; pharmaceutical-industry surveys and promotional collateral

Public-sector information

Public service announcements and newsletters, mainly targeted to Koreans living overseas requiring public assistance, utilizing public services, or attending US schools. Such information includes educational materials and student/parent notices, resident announcements, political collateral, public-sector initiatives, COVID-19 public service messages; all types of US election and census-related content, and much more.

Types of clients we often work with on Korean-to-English document translation

Translation agencies

Translation agencies make up the bulk of our English-to-Korean document translation work, with long-term clients sending us all of their materials for translation in a wide range of technical fields and document types.


Attorney’s involved in litigation and other legal matters with Koreans and Korean companies come to us for translation of important legal documents of all types.


As the Korean economy expands and the importance of the Korean corporate sector and the Korean market grows, companies and organizations reach out to us for translation into Korean of communications with their global workforce, as well as materials targeted to a consumer audience, and to new and existing business partners.

Public organizations

From school districts in the US with large numbers of Korean students to public welfare agencies serving Koreans overseas, the need to communicate with Koreans is ever-present. We regularly provide English-to-Korean document translation services that allow these organizations to communicate key information to their constituencies.

Pharmaceutical firms and CROs

The Korean health care industry is well-developed, and Korean hospitals are leading participants in clinical research and patient treatment. We translate all types of documentation into Korean for use within the Korean health care industry, as well as in the US and other overseas markets.

Investment firms

Our Korean translations of investment materials help to draw in millions of dollars in investment from well-funded Korean companies, public organizations and agencies, and individuals searching for investment opportunities overseas.