Satisfied clients of Korean Consulting and Translation Service, Inc. have this to say:

“Just a message to thank you. KBC has been very useful to help me finding a job! Funny fact : I’ve been hired in a French startup company and now, I’m not reading the “get a job” resources anymore but the ones about how to develop business network for my company! Ahah! 재미있어요!”

Stephan Dufrechou, IT Engineer

“I love tips about language nuances like this one.:-) Thank you for sharing. You are such a good writer!! Have a wonderful day!”

Irina Gunthart (Project Manager, Paragon Language Services, Inc.)

“Steven and his team could not have been more helpful.  The project was completed on time, professionally, and efficiently.  Steven was extremely responsive and clearly cared about the success of the project.  I can recommend Steven and his team without hesitation.”

Win Browning, Fore Reseach & Management, LP (New York, NY)

“Steven, It is with much gratitude that I am sending you this short thank you, for translating several documents in an effort to reverse a decision made by the Korean government.Your work was very effective, extremely accurate, and timely.  You lived up to all of my expectations, and helped us to move the situation to the next level.  In an area of foreign language translation, trust is most important, and I felt that you and your group demonstrated a great deal of trust and comfort in our transactions. You are also in the wrong business.  You should be in charge of a world-wide customer service center, where customer service and satisfaction are held in the same value as your company does today. Best Personal Regards.”

Jan Seigler (Atlanta, Georgia)

“The KBC Business Library is a one-stop information guide for new businesspeople jumping into the Korean market. The materials are very informative about Korean economic and business trends.”

Hasmukh Panchal, KBC Member (Korea)

“These are so interesting and good Steven – love the tidbits – I add them to my “compendium of trivial knowledge on language!!… I love your marketing that you put out and it’s so important to know those things.  I just need one place to keep all those tidbits!”

Melissa Wurst, President, Language Solutions, Inc. (St. Louis, MO)

“Hi Steven, Hope you’re doing well – thanks for these interesting translation tips. I think it’s great you are finding the time to create these mailings. I presume you’re collecting them all and they will be another edition of your book at some point.”

Dagmar Dolatschko, President & Founder, Peritus Language Services (San Carlos, CA)

“Thank you for the tip. Best regards.”

Donato Alcionei, Project Manager, Embracing Culture (Woburn MA)

“Hi Steven, Thank you for your email and I will make sure that my staff reads this thoroughly. :-)”

Melissa Meyer, President, Bruce International, Inc. (Beaverton, OR)

“Thanks Steve! These are helpful tips! I enjoy finding out new things about the Korean language/culture. I am sure we will have e-marketing needs for Korean, so I will definitely keep you in mind.”

Alex Botezatu, Vendor Manager, Glyph Language Services (Seattle, WA)

“This is interesting. Thanks!”

Wei Jiang, Project Manager, PolyTrans.com

“Very interesting Steve. It’s amazing that grammar has gone by the wayside in so many cases. I always look forward to your newsletters with updated language information about Korean”

Theodora Landgren, President, A2Z Global Language Solutions (Haddon Township, NJ)

“Thanks Steven for the good tip.”

Shimyong Ryoo, Assistant Korean Language Team Leader, Multiling (Provo, UT)

“Hello Steven, Thank you for these really important and interesting tips. They are truly very useful. Thank you!”

Natalia Tello, Project Manager, Multilingual Group (New York, NY)

“Thanks for the information, Steven.”

Lois Kienitz, Operations Manager, Tembua

“Thanks, Steven. I find your e-mails very interesting!”

Jackie Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, SH3, Inc. (Overland Park, KS)

“Dear Steven: I look forward to your emails and am learning things I should have learned 21 years ago when I founded Paragon.  Never too late! Thank you so much for this great marketing and educational tool.”

Hanne R. Mintz, President, Paragon Language Services (Los Angeles, CA)

“Steven, just to let you know that I really appreciate your emails that give our company up to date information about the Korean culture and which allow us to offer better services to our clients needing Korean translation services.  And of course, it is your company that we turn to FIRST for these services.”

Caroline Myers, President/Director, FLS, Inc. dba Foreign Language Services (Huntsville, Alabama)

“Hello Steven, Many thanks for your e-mail. Yes, it will be really helpful to count on your tips, as we usually have to deal with Korean translations. I downloaded your handbook and we will have a look into it asap, we appreciate your effort and time so much.”

Marta Girones, Senior Localization Project Manager, Venga Localization (San Francisco, CA)

“Hi Steven, I always enjoy reading your tips.”

Martin Cross, President, Patent Translations, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

“Love them – Keep going :)”

Maria Fagrelius, Director of Translation Services, Language & Culture Worldwide (Chicago, IL)

“Dear Steven: The KBC Business Library is a treasure chest of information. When I moved to Korea last year I didn’t know where to start, in terms of where to look on the net for business advice, networks and ideas. KBC provided much appreciated support for me at that time and the information in the KBC Business Library has been a big part of that. I’ve since created an outdoor health and fitness club which is now thriving and creating healthier businesspeople here too…so I continue to use KBC and the information in the KBC Business Library for info and advice. Thank you,“

Ian Matthews (Fitness Director, BAFIK – British Army Fitness in Korea)

“Korean Consulting has helped Trek Bicycle Corporation with our translation needs in Korea on multiple times over the last few years. We used their services from the initial company setup phase through to ongoing business operations. They quickly understood our business requirements and were able to provide qualified and knowledgeable translators.“

Philip McGlade, Asia Pacific Director, Trek Bicycle Corporation

“Thanks, Steven. Cards were received. They are very nice and I will recommend your service to others. With kindest regards.”

International M&A Advisor

“Loved the Translation Guide! You did a great job!”

Melissa Meyer, President of Bruce International, Inc.

“Hi Steven,… Our Korean HR director looked over everything and says it all looks good. Thank you very much for your accurate and timely services. I will recommend you to other people in our company. Thanks,”

Katherine Chapman, HR & Employee Development Representative at National Oilwell Varco (Cedar Park, Texas)

“Our Korean contact said, ‘Whoever did the translation did a good job.’”

Joel J. Crampton, Marketing Manager at the Cartwright Companies (Grandview, Missouri)

“Hi Steven, Thank you very much. We just finished integrating the new strings into the app, along with the new EULA text, and the final result looks polished and perfect. I want to express how happy we are with the business service you and your firm have delivered us – your turnaround on issues has been extremely quick.  We will definitely return to you for Korean translation work in the future, and will recommend you to others when they need Korean translation performed.  Please express our appreciation to your staff as well.”

Erik Geidl, CEO at GoldenShores Technologies, LLC (Moscow, Idaho)

“I just wanted to say thanks for providing the [Succeed in Korean Business by Understanding Korean Company Hierarchy] report from your website. It’s quite helpful for us expats working in large companies.”

Neil Barker, HR Manager at Samsung C&T (Seoul, Korea)

“I just want to say thank you to everyone at KBC… For giving me the opportunity… to become a part of Korea Business Central. It’s really opened some doors for me. Since I’ve been a part of this group a lot of things have happened that I wanted to happen but being a part of this group made that happen so much faster. The wonderful people that I’ve met within this group have just been fantastic… More people should be a part of this. And more people should get involved…. Really, it is a great community. There is a lot of discussion going on and we do need to DO more, rather than just talk. But it’s going in the right direction. And I think that if you contribute and show who you are, and be yourself and add value to the group, good things can happen. ”

Carl Kwan, Partner in KWALUS.com (Seoul, Korea)

“Steven… The translation looked good, and I’d like to thank you for being able to accommodate the short notice. I look forward to doing business with you again, hopefully sometime soon. With best regards,”

Tero Taipale (Project Manager, Intralink Korea – Seoul, Korea)

“Great help. Perfect balance of professionalism and personality that resulted with all parties being able to converse openly and sincerely. Would use this service again.”

Richard Leon (Chief Financial Officer, Altium Limited – Belrose, Australia)

“The service as efficient, professional and on time. It met my translation needs.”

Brett Miller (Seoul, Korea)

“I LOVED [the Korea Global Business Series”!  There are countless books out there that generally regurgitate the same “Doing Business in Korea / with Koreans” tips and I was so pleasantly surprised that these were fresh perspectives and detailed, tactile tips.  Great work.”

Ben Plantan (Partner, Gotham Orient Partners – New York City, NY)

“Steven, I hope all is well. My trip was extremely successful and thoroughly enjoyable.  I am falling for Korea a little (despite Korea’s best efforts to baffle me). I gave my presentation in English but offered Korean hand outs and a digital copy for those that requested one.  This was seen as respectful and professional and definitely helped my cause. The service from Korean Consulting & Translation Services was outstanding.  Firstly it was on time and I was regularly updated on the progress (avoiding the need to chase, which I loathe) and secondly, a Korean colleague that knows my research intimately confirmed that it was extremely accurate and helped convey my story.  I would not hesitate to recommend you or use your services again. Regards, Ben”

Ben Perrins (Principal, Ben Perrins Business Consulting – London, United Kingdom)

“Hi Steven, Thanks again for your help with my recent project. After having several problems with other larger and well known companies I was very pleased with your fast, efficient and friendly service. The price you quoted was very competitive and it was excellent that your team also checked my website after it had been completed by my web designer. Out of all the services I have used in building my start-up business Korean Consulting and Translation Service has undoubtedly been the best in terms of professionalism and friendliness and I will definately be using you for further work in the future.”

Craig Gammack (President, Lion’s English Solutions – Dungermline, United Kingdom)

“Hi Steven, Lena was reliable, professional, engaged in the discussions to insure she understood what we were doing and wanted to accomplish. In addition she provided additional insight to her impressions of what she observed or heard. It was beneficial to our process. Your quick response time was also very much appreciated. We had to move quickly and your response allowed us to do that and do it with a professional interpreter. I’ve provided your information to my colleagues in case they need assistance in Korea in the future. Best regards, Maureen”

Maureen Muldoon (Director of International Sales, Trek Bicycle – Waterloo, Wisconsin)

“Hey Steve. I cannot opine on the language issues as I am not fluent in the language. However, the presentation was delivered ahead of scheduled, the price was attractive and your customer service and interface has been great. We will not hesitate to bring additional business your way when appropriate. Thanks, Gar”

Gar Lippincott (Principal, Atlantic American Partners – Tampa, Florida)

“Hello Steven, Having lived in Korea before and majored in Korean language during my undergraduate degree I was familiar with most of your content but still found it interesting and insightful. It also refreshed my memory which is useful as I am going back to Korea in a few months for a holiday. Also having cringed many times when I saw non-Koreans in Korea violate basic rules of etiquette, I think your etiquette eCourse could really help avoid errors that are easy to make through ignorance of Korean culture and manners.  Regards, Paula Fraser”

Paula Fraser (Business Equipment Lending Analyst, ANZ – Melbourne, Australia)

“The translation went over well. I will be in touch with more work in the near future.”

Travis Murray (British International School Shanghai – Shanghai, China)

“Steven, We received the banner and posters and they look fantastic!  Thank you for your patience with us, your flexibility, and the quality of work you provided for us.  You, Dennis, and Catalin truly went beyond the call of duty in getting this done in such a professional and timely manner. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Marc Skeist and Mark Barker (Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation – Hauppauge, New York)

“Steve,… Our people thought your translation was great… Thanks for your work and we have now put it into use.”

Roger Withers (Salisbury Cathedral – Salisbury, United Kingdom)

“Yes, [the 7-Day Korea Business eCourse] gives very good insights into Korean culture. Very useful!”

Hubert (Hungary)

“The info [in the 7-Day Korea Business Etiquette eCourse] was helpful. As one of my associates said most of the info is common sense. It is the few insights that make the difference. Thank you for helping us to be prepared. “

George Selfridge (Oregon)

“Steven, I have saved every day’s information [from the Korea Global Business Series] and found it very interesting, very informative, definitely taught me many things, and although will still rely on you for advice, believe it to have been very helpful.  My plan is to print and put in a notebook for the staff and to bring it up at a staff meeting “lunch and learn”.  Thanks, Caroline”

Caroline Myers (FLS, Inc. – Huntsville, Alabama)

“Hi Steven, I can’t think of anything that would make the service better — it was quick, courteous and prompt. Thanks again. Chan”

Chan D. Park (Pasadena, California)

“Hi Steven, Thank you so much! As soon as I sell a photograph, I will get you to do the translation. I have to tell you that I got a lot of quotes and yours was the most reasonable and you provided the most information and personal touch. I will get back to you hopefully soon. Best, Sarah”

Sarah Hobbs

“[The Rapid Relationship Building in the Far East video] was great. I deal with a lot of Asians in the U.S. and I forget to treat them with respect and to be warm and understanding with them because communication seems to be so hard. Thanks for the tips on respect, heart, and understanding. Keeping those things in mind while in the U.S. will surely get me better results so that I can travel to Asia and do better buisness one day. Great idea, heaven sent!!”

(Alexander City, Alabama)

“Whenever I’ve been confronted with the dilemma of having Korean documents that need to be translated in a prompt manner, often times at the last minute, I have always turned to Steven. He has come through every time, providing me fast, reliable service at a reasonable price. I will be using him next time for sure! Thanks Steven!”

Stephanie Furr (Investment Firm – New York, New York)

“Steven, Overall was a great experience. I was walked through the process step by step and the end result was fantastic. Will definitely use your services for any future translation projects.”

Chris Sidebottom (Odenton, Maryland)

“I enjoyed your presentation. It was thoughtful and entertaining.”

Judy (British Columbia, Canada)

“Thanks! Our Asia flyers have been printed and are on their way to the various countries. I appreciate how quickly everything was translated — and how easy you made the whole process. Thanks again.”

Laura Sutherland (Associate Director of Marketing & Print Communications, Woodberry Forest Road – Woodberry Forest, VA)

“Thanks for the prompt, professional service. This was a big help to us!”

Brian S. Rodgers (MA, LPC, NCC, Associate Dean of Residential Life, Indian Springs School – Indian Springs, Alabama)

“Hey Steve, The documents are great. Thanks for your help. I will be sure to refer your business.”

Nathalia Majette (Wonju, Korea)

“Steven, Just thought I’d say hello: I just got your latest advertisement. You made business cards for me many years ago on my very first visit to Korea. So this is a report that your cards were very useful. (I attach one as a reminder). At this point i am a frequent visitor to Korea and a professor (two months of the year) at KAIST, as in my signature below… Thanks for helping me get started.”

Don Norman (Nielsen Norman Group; Breed Professor of Design, Northwestern University; Co-Director MMM (MBA + MEM); Co-Director Segal Design Institute; Visiting Distinguished Professor, KAIST – Daejeon, Korea – www.jnd.org)

“Thank you Steven.  I appreciate all your help and your attention to detail.  I will let you know if we come across any issues.  It has been a pleasure working with you.”

M. Harris Stamey, Esq. (Porter & Hedges LLP – Houston, Texas)

“Skilled professionalism and an ability to adapt to continuously-evolving situations defined the work by Korean Consulting and Translation Services on each of the three increasingly-complex Korean business transactions they handled for me this year. Clear and understandable multilingual communication channels were maintained for both sides in writing, by voice, and in person throughout each project.”

Bruce McGowan (Laguna Hills, California)

“Steven: Everything is going great. The President of Kia was very impressed with your translation. I will give him your name. Kamsahamnida!”

Mike Murphy (Kia Dealer, Brunswick, Georgia)

“Steven, I will be picking up the cards from Kinko’s in the morning. The local Mitsubishi rep (an American) stopped by the office today – when I showed him the card I printed he was very impressed, and wanted to keep it. Thanks for the great job on the cards and for all the advice. I will let you know how it went when I return.”

Chuck D. Curlin, Jr., P.E., C.P.D. ( Senior Vice President, David Shultz Associates, P.C.)

“Thank you! Your eCourse on doing business in Korea will hopefully land me a job with a Korean company. I will be there next week.”

Douglas Ritter

“Thank you! I also appreciate the additional explanation you sent. In school I studied conversational Japanese for three years, but am only now beginning to learn the Japanese business culture. This should be an enlightening trip. Thanks for your help in making it a successful one.”

Rod Montgomery

“Mr. Bammel. I have really enjoyed the year I spent working for a partnership between [two Korean] corporations. I took your online course last year and applied the lessons. Needless to say I have been invited to Seoul to visit the grave of my boss’ father and tasted his mother’s cooking. Cheers.”

George Fisher

“Korean Consulting is an extraordinary company. For almost two years I’ve worked with Steven and he is a rock-solid dependable, flexible and extremely agreeable translator to work with!”

Katie A., NCsoft (Online Game Developer – Austin, Texas)

“Service was quick; quality was excellent. We completed all of the tasks with Korean Consulting over the Internet. It was the most efficient translation work I’ve ever experienced. One more thing… Price was very competitive.”

Krislyn A. (Hospital and Medical Center – Los Angeles, California)

“We needed several marketing pieces translated (under a very tight deadline) to present to a customer overseas. Steven Bammel and his group provided an immediate and very reasonable quote, had the work completed one day earlier than the deadline, and our client was thrilled at the successful effort made to communicate in Korean. We will continue to use Korean Consulting as the need arises.”

Sheri C. (Engineering Company – Birmingham, Alabama)

“After searching for a translation company, I came across Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. and could not be happier. The prices are the most reasonable I have found and the turnaround time is the fastest I’ve ever seen. I also use them for Chinese and Japanese, and when I needed French, Steve Bammel [referred me] to another service that could provide French at a reasonable cost. I recommend Korean Consulting to everyone. They are honest, fast and reasonable.”

Fernando Orozco, Production Manager, Bradley Nameplate Corp. (Custom Label Manufacturer – Fremont, CA)

“Steven, thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for — and the fact that you included the Korean above the translation is great. I will certainly send you any additional materials I have as we receive them, and will also be sending you letters to translate into Korean from time to time.”

Jim. M. (Parent of Adopted Korean Child – Fairfield, New Jersey)

“I have had the opportunity to utilize Steven at Korean Consulting for several personal translations. Korean Consulting is not the first translation service I have used, but it is by far the best. Their service, speed and accuracy of the translations are far superior to any other service.”

James Horner (Saudia Arabia)

“I was and still am so impressed with the care given to me by your organization. Korean Consulting understood my needs and made sure that everything was completed according to my request. Thank you for your help and EXCELLENT customer service.”

Debra Means (Spring Hill, Florida)

“Hi Steven, Just received rave reviews on the Boeing script! The voice talent who recorded the script said it was the best translation he’s read in a long time. He’s a well-known personality in Korean. Well done!”

Junko Hara, Project Manager (Corporate Translations, Inc. – Redondo Beach, CA)

“I emailed Korean Consulting to help me connect with a Korean church aiding a brain cancer patient trying to return home, but I wasn’t sure if they’d take on the task. When Steven contacted me personally, agreed in short order to help, and delivered a detailed report back to me in a matter of days, I was amazed. He handled a sensitive request with care and concern — a rarity in today’s business-centric world.”

Melinda Vickerman-Lalaoui (Jersey City, New Jersey)

“I hired Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. to help me translate divorce documents. I even had them do a little investigative work and call relatives of the lady I needed to send the documents to so that she would know they were coming. I was very pleased with their service. They were on time and on budget.”

Anthony S. (Attorney – Clifton, Texas)

“Besides providing us with excellent translation services, Korean Consulting was able to aid us in a recent Korean real estate transaction. They made the calls necessary and provided us constant and immediate feedback to each call made on our behalf. We appreciate the professionalism and expediency Korean Consulting provided and will continue use their services for all of our Korea-related endeavors.”

Frank Whetzel (San Jose, CA)

“…Steven’s responses to my questions were always thoughtful and prompt. He delivered more than I expected. For example, our contract specified that he would compile 50 Korean contact names and addresses; he sent along 243 — without demanding more money than we originally agreed. I was delighted to learn of other services he offered to further tap into the dynamic higher education market in Korea. We look forward to continuing to work with Korean Consulting. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, CEO (U.S. Journal of Academics – Mount Carmel, PA)

“I must thank you again, very much for your fantastic, dedicated work on [our Korean typesetting project]… I will certainly be spreading the word to the client that you have provided such an excellent service.”

Nicky Cameron, Project Manager (Tonic Design Limited – London, UK)

“I want to thank you for your fabulous work. Your Korean, Chinese and Japanese translations were impeccable, and you did an excellent job turning them into an accessible, viewer-friendly format on the Web. We’ve received tremendous positive feedback, and sales are increasing. I really appreciate the promptness with which you accomplished all this — without compromising quality. It’s been pleasure working with you.”

Josh Bobley, Tutormaster.com (English Tutoring Web Site – New York, New York)

“My cards arrived today, and they are perfect. I appreciate the professional work and prompt service, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you.”

Marissa P. (High School Teacher – Philadelphia, PA)

“Many thanks! The great “customer service” will keep me as a client. Nice work! Thanks!!!!”

Bruce Mather (President of The Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. – Hockessin, DE)

“Thanks! I will keep you in mind for myself and others. An amazing example of a web-based business!”

Michael S., M.D. (New Jersey Medical School – Newark, NJ)

“Thank you… I am most grateful to you and your service. We will be your client from now on for these matters. Many thanks.”

Liz G.

“The cards arrived yesterday and they look great!… I know the cards will be a big help to me…”

Emily E. (Karate Instructor – Friendswood, TX)

“Thanks for the quick delivery and good job.”

Frank E.

“I received the cards. They are beautiful. Thank you again. The book is also much appreciated. Again, you have a terrific service. I will spread the word.”

Fritz H. (Sales Director – Wellesley, MA)

“The cards look fantastic. Thank you so much.”

Jonathan R. (8th Grade Teacher – Oxford, NY)

“Thank you. I appreciate the quick turnaround time on this.”

Nanda B.

“I appreciate your extra effort in completing this for our team! Our group leaves for Korea in the morning.”

Sheri S.

“Just received my Japanese business cards from the printers and they are beautiful! Thanks again for your quick and expert work. When I head for China I’ll get back in touch for another set.”

Jerry Allen (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

“Due to the urgent nature of my business trip, I did not have time to take care of loose ends. Steven helped me arrange phone service and business cards — both were effective and useful tools during my stay in Korea.”

Phillip S. McMillan, Director of Sales & Marketing (McMillan Company – Georgetown, Texas)

“Your newsletter is quite useful. I have been to Korea about 20 times and I still learned something new.”

Ben Hood, Executive Vice President for Sales of Boomi Incorporated (Conshohocken, Pennsylvania)

“Thank you for this course. Representatives of a Korean company visited our plant here in the US to look into our buying their goods. The lessons helped us understand some of the manners and actions much better than if we had not taken the time to inform ourselves. Consequently, the meeting was more productive. The comments about business cards and introductions were exactly to the point and helped get things to a good start. Thanks again.”

Jerry Rausch, Senior Manufacturing Engineer of Thermo Products, LLC (Lancaster, PA)

“Alex did a fabulous job! Well worth the money. I accomplished everything I had intended.”

John Liljequist (Marketing Manager, Inamed Aesthetics – Tokyo, Japan)

“Thanks for the quick turnaround. Our needs for translation are infrequent, but I will be happy to contact you again when we once again have the need, and will refer others to you as well. I don’t know if I’ll be contacting you again tomorrow, or if it will be months, but I just want to let you know we appreciate the quick response and quality of the translation. Thank you also for adding the translator’s note to the translation to add the perspective. Best of luck with your business.”

Paul Cantrell (Soluris Inc. – Concord, Massachusetts)

“Just wanted to let you know, Howard and I received the business cards this morning, and are very pleased. Again, I greatly appreciate your assistance with this, as well as your patience.”

Theresa A. Zahaczewsky (Production Coordinator and Writer/Editor, Goodwill Industries International, Inc. – Rockville, Maryland)

“I had quite a successful meeting with top management from Korea today. The two things I got from you — business cards and etiquette instruction — worked really well. Guests were surprised (with a + sign) by how the meeting was organized. And it was much easier for them to spell my difficult last name written in Korean. Thank you very much!”

Oleg Prokhorenko (President, LGP International, LLC – St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Thank you so much, Steven.  As always, the response was quick, and one of our Korean contacts abroad says that the piece reads extremely well.  Wonderful job…again!  Thanks for the good work! Kindest regards,”

Carlos Navarro, Marketing Manager, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (Testing Laboratories – Des Moines, IA)

“Greetings: Thank you again, your work was excellent. One of our co-workers here is a native Korean-speaker and we had her review the translation as a double-check, and it got the two thumbs up.  If things move forward with the client in question, we’ll certainly be coming back to you for more translation.  Thank you again!”

Kelly N. Ryan, Data Analyst, Concierge Choice Physicians (Physician Services – Rockville Centre, NY)

“Thank you so much for the information provided regarding Korean Business Etiquette.”

Shayna Tate, Exaro Corporation (Cypress, CA)

“Hi Steven, You guys did great. The materials were sent to our Korean agent and we haven’t heard any complaints so I assume they’ve been working for him. As far as anything that needs improvement, I can’t think of anything. You did everything we asked and did it well and for a very fair price. Thanks!”

Jessica Molina, Marketing Supervisor, Texas Service Life (Insurance Company – Austin, TX)

“Steven, Thank you for the card translations, they look great. I hope they will impress our target client and show them a commitment to a long term business relationship.  The Asian etiquette e-course is also fantastic and a great extra bonus. I will let you know what impact the cards have. Regards,”

Justin Hardie, SLP Energy (Engineering Services – Suffolk, UK)

“Hi Steven, … Yeon-Jung did a great job for us in Ulsan. …She got on well with everyone in the company and we would not hesitate to use her service again. Cheers.”

Eric Li, Senior Auditor, Illinois Tool Works (Manufacturer – US and Korea)

“Hello Steven, I am pleased with the business cards translations. Your service was exceptional. Your added offerings on etiquette are most appreciated. I will be pleased to share your services with others and when needed contact you for your services.”

Bruce Cotterman, Managing Director, The BAS Group LLC (Management Services – Atlanta, GA)

“Hello Steven, Thank you for your follow-up email… Quick, 7/7 response, Delivery systematically earlier than promised… Very best regards”

Olivier Beltrami, Owner, Alter Ego Services (Software and Data Consulting Company – France)

“Hello Steven, I am so thankful I found your service… Your service is amazing and I am now one step closer to finding his fathers side of the family. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone in need of Korean translation. Thank you!!”

J. O. (California, USA)

Steven Bammel

Steven S. Bammel is president and chief translator/consultant at Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.B.A. Economics) and Hanyang University (M.S. Management Strategy), Steven has worked for over twenty years in Korean business and translation. | more about Steven

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