Korean Personal Document Translation

Get accurate, quick, and confidential translation of your Korean vital records, civic and official instruments, and other personal documents.

I will help you to:

  • Work through immigration, tax/financial, and other legal processes in Korea and overseas
  • Communicate with Korean-speaking family and acquaintances
  • Achieve other goals requiring Korean translation support

You can expect from me:

  • Accurate, well-written, and well-formatted translations that are easy to understand
  • On-time delivery every time, sometimes with overnight turnaround
  • Prompt and thorough communication before, during, and after your project
  • Consistently high quality from project to project by leveraging technology and best-practice workflows
  • Transparent pricing structure that may reduce your costs over time
  • Accountability through workflow verifiability, US-based business registration, professional liability insurance, and my “Consistently Good Work” Pledge
  • Confidential handling of and respect for your intellectual property

Premium Korean>English translation: US$0.12–0.19/Korean character
Premium English>Korean translation: US$0.22–0.36/English word
Budget Korean>English translation: US$0.08–0.10/Korean character
Korean>English revision (editing/proofreading): US$0.03–0.07/Korean character
Hourly support services: US$60–130/hour

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Personal documents I translate

  • Korean birth certificates and other family documents
  • Korean police reports, employment records, tax statements, etc.
  • Korean driver’s licenses
  • Korean educational records, certificates, diplomas
  • Bank statements and other financial documents
  • Medical records
  • Pesonal correspondence and mementos

“I have had the opportunity to utilize Steven at Korean Consulting for several personal translations. Korean Consulting is not the first translation service I have used, but it is by far the best. Their service, speed and accuracy of the translations are far superior to any other service.”

James Horner (Saudia Arabia)

Korean birth certificates and other family documents

I occasionally translate actual Korean birth certificates issued by Korean hospitals. However, so-called “Korean birth certificates” usually refer to documents known officially under other names: registered copies of family register and family relationship certificates. Additional variants include: extracts of family register, records of family register removals (including old, hand-written ones and those typed up before the records were computerized in the early 2000s), basic relationship certificates, marriage relationship certificates. 

Korean police reports, Korean employment records, Korean tax statements, etc.

When applying for a visa or immigration in a third country, non-Koreans who have lived in Korea often need to have a Korean police report translated. Employment history and payment of taxes in Korea are also considerations in some immigration-related matters. These are all documents I can translate for you.

Korean driver’s licenses

In some jurisdictions, persons from abroad wishing to get a local driver’s license without taking a new driver’s license exam need to submit a foreign driver’s license and a certified translation of the license. I have provided certified translations of many Korean driver’s licenses at affordable prices.

Korean educational records, certificates, diplomas (including Korean high-school and university diplomas)

Primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, English language institutes, and other overseas centers of higher learning require proof of previous educational attainment in Korea before enrollment. Korean high-school and college diplomas, vocational certificates, and even grade school records, serve as primary documentation in these cases.

Bank statements and other financial documents

Koreans applying for loans to purchase real estate overseas must often demonstrate financial assets and income in Korea. For this reason, I translate bank statements, registrations of property in Korea, and employment records from Korean companies. I also work on Korean tax reports (including employment tax withholding certificates). My clients on these jobs are often title companies or law firms in the destination country processing loan or employment paperwork. I understand the Korean financial, property, tax, and employment systems, and this enables me to translate the related documents accurately and idiomatically.

Medical records

Clients come to me for translation of Korean medical records and receipts when applying for insurance reimbursement on medical care in Korea, or to communicate their medical history to a new medical service provider after moving out of Korea. In both cases (receipts for medical care or medical history records), I provide well-formatted, accurate translations that communicate properly to intended readers.

Personal correspondence and mementos

I am occasionally contacted by clients requiring translation of personal letters into Korean or who wish to understand old personal documents written in Korean. Such content is often more difficult than it first appears, especially when deep cultural and linguistic understandings are required to communicate the writer’s intent with sensitivity and accuracy.