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Korean Business Central is dedicated to your success in business in and with Korea and we offer a number of ways for you to build your business network. This Topic Central Page share tips on business networking in Korea. Check back often so that you don’t miss our next KBC event, as well as the fantastic events and resources sponsored by other Korea-facing organizations.

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“The Definitive Guide to Business Cards in Korea: The Ultimate Korean Networking Tool” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/executive-report-10-big-ideas-about-marketing-to-koreans]

by Steven S. Bammel, KBC Creator

Top Information on Korea Business Central

KBC Sponsored Events

  • Click here to review all past KBC business networking events. [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/networking-events]

KBC Member Relay Interviews

Member Relay Interviews are short online chats between an interviewer and interviewee (both KBC members). These are then uploaded to the KBC site as a public discussion, and serve as a unique business networking asset.

  • Click here for information on the Relay Interviews in both English and Korean, as well as the list of previous interviewees. [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/member-relay-interviews]

The KBC Community Soapbox

The KBC Community Soapbox – “Insights Into Business Networking in Korea” by Liam Lusk

Liam Lusk points out some should-be-obvious stuff about networking that people forget all the time, including at our recent Gyeonggi Global Business & Culture Networking Event. Remember, business networking in Korea is a long-term process! Thanks, Liam!

  • The KBC Community Soapbox [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/the-kbc-community-soapbox]

The Korea 9.9 with Daniel

Weekly Podcast: The Korea 9.9 with Daniel

“What’s the best way to network in Korea and why?” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/special-edition-vodcast-the]

Top Legacy Discussions

Introduce Yourself [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/introduce-yourself]
KBC Success Stories[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/ongoing-discussion-kbc-success]
Twitter IDs [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/what-is-your-twitter-id]
Looking for English Study Cafe [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/looking-for-english-study-cafe]
Business Cards[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/business-cards]

Networking Groups

After Work Elite[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.afterworkelite.com/](Daejeon)

Sungwon Choi
Linked Seoul [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://linkedseoul.ning.com/](Seoul)

Devin Rupert
First Thursdays (Seoul)

Expert Commentary at Nojeok Hill: My View from the Top: Business Networking
By Steven S. Bammel and Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc.

Business Event Listings

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.eucck.org/site/events/event_calendar.htm] European Union Chamber of Commerce Korea (EUCCK) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.eucck.org/site/events/event_calendar.htm]
Coex Exhibitions [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.eucck.org/site/events/event_calendar.htm] Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham)[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.austchamkorea.org/events/index.php]
British Chamber of Commerce Korea (BCCK) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.eucck.org/site/events/event_calendar.htm] French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://linkedseoul.ning.com/] – Click on the blue bold letters to get details.
Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) – Event calendar is on the left. Click on orange letters to get details New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Kiwi Chamber)
10 Magazine Calendar [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://10magazine.asia/category/calendar/] Korea4Expats Calendar [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://linkedseoul.ning.com/]
Seoul Global Business Support Center [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://global.seoul.go.kr/bizsupport/biz.do] – Click on Programs in the top menu. Linked Seoul [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://linkedseoul.ning.com/] – Lead: Devin Rupert (KBC Member)
This page is based on planning and organization performed by KBC Content Integrator Youngil Loew.

Pre-Programmed Korea Business Event Searches

Composite DiscussionsTrade Shows [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.biztradeshows.com/korea/]

Event Listings on KBC

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