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Steven S. Bammelㆍ스티븐 밤멜

Financial/Business TranslatorㆍKorean to English
금융/사업 분야 번역가ㆍ한→영 번역 전문

B.B.A. Economics
M.S. Management Strategy

경제학 학사 취득
경영전략 석사 취득

Steven S. Bammel

Reliable, confidential, fast and accurate translation from a trusted professional

20+ years in Korea working in the business and translation fields

Helping you fully understand and communicate critical Korean information at every stage of the investment, business and legal processes

높은 신뢰를 받는 전문가의 신뢰할 수 있고, 비밀이 보장되며, 신속하고 정확한 번역

한국에서 비즈니스 및 번역 분야에서 20년 이상 종사

투자/비즈니스 절차의 모든 하나 하나의 단계에서 대단히 중요한 한국의 정보를 완전하게 전달하는 데 도움을 드립니다

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  • Financial statements and annual reports; auditor reports
  • Employee newsletters and bulletins; letters to clients and customers
  • Legal contracts and agreements (such as leases, IP protection agreements, supplier/contractor agreements)
  • Market reports and market development updates
  • Legal briefs, claims and complaints; court judgments and arbitration awards
  • Investor briefs and presentations, investment prospectuses and other investment-related promotional materials
  • Corporate correspondence and miscellaneous internal materials (including emails, spreadsheets, diagrams and reports)
  • Corporate media (including social media postings and blogs); articles in the business and financial press; press releases
  • Business-related recordings of all types, both in video and audio formats
  • Patents, utility models and designs, copyrights, layouts, documented know-how and other intangible information; academic articles related to corporate IP and research; asset appraisals
  • Laws, presidential decrees, government regulations and ordinances; regulatory and public notices and other legislative information pertaining to international trade and finance
  • Official corporate and personal registrations; import/export certificates; bank statements and business receipts; whistle-blower reports; academic and professional degrees and certifications
  • Product information and user guides; product labeling and approvals
  • RFP/RFQs; business proposals and presentations
  • Insurance claim documentation (including medical records and receipts), adjuster reports
  • … and more.


  • B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington (1993)
  • M.S. in Management Strategy from Hanyang University in Korea (2012)
  • Former in-house translator/editor for Korean multinational corporation (LG International; 1994-1999)
  • Foreign Direct Investment Advisor to the Gyeonggi Province Government (2010-2012)
  • Creator and administrator of Korea Business Central (; 2009-2014)
  • Co-Founder at Metis Financial Outsourcing, Inc. (2003-2009)
  • Certified at the highest level in Korean proficiency (TOPIK) and Korean-to-English translation (Korean Society of Translators)


  • 미국 텍사스주립대(University of Texas at Arlington) Technical Writing Certificate Program (Technical Writing Introduction 및 Technical Editing 수료) (2016년)
  • 한양대학교 대학원 경영학과 경영전략 석사 취득 (2011년)
  • 미국 텍사스주립대(University of Texas at Arlington) 경제학과 졸업 (1993년)

사업 및 업무 경력

  • Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc, CEO (1999년~현재)
  • Korea Business Central( 대표 (2009~2014년)
  • 경기도 도청 소속 외국인 투자 자문관 (2010~2012년)
  • Metis Financial Outsourcing, Inc. 대표 (2003~2009년)
  • LG 상사, 무역업무 지원관 (1994~1999년)


  • 한국번역가협희 주관 한영번역능력시험 최고등급 인증 (2011년)
  • 교육부 국립국제교육원 주관 한국어 능력시험 최고등급 인증 (2011년)
  • 미국 번역가 협회(American Translators Association) 회원 (2000년부터)




“Whenever I’ve been confronted with the dilemma of having Korean documents that need to be translated in a prompt manner, oftentimes at the last minute, I have always turned to Steven. He has come through every time, providing me fast, reliable service at a reasonable price. I will be using him next time for sure!”
Investment Firm

“Steven…could not have been more helpful.  The project was completed on time, professionally, and efficiently.  Steven was extremely responsive and clearly cared about the success of the project.  I can recommend Steven… without hesitation”

Investment Firm
“Steven, it is with much gratitude that I am sending you this short thank you for translating several documents in an effort to reverse a decision made by the Korean government. Your work was very effective, extremely accurate, and timely. You lived up to all of my expectations, and helped us to move the situation to the next level. In an area of foreign language translation, trust is most important, and I felt that you… demonstrated a great deal of trust and comfort in our transactions.”

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