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Looking for an internship in Korea? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is the first stop to understanding the Korean company landscape and getting an idea of what opportunities are available. Read KBC members’ success stories, as well as their honest and practical advice. Ask a question in our forums, and start networking among our experienced KBC community!

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At KBC, we are working hard to help our members succeed in Korean business. Many members are still trying to get started, and a lot want to intern in a Korean company. Through two public databases, Korea Business Central is bringing intern candidates together with Korean companies offering internship opportunities.

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the Interns Database [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]

This is where intern candidates can enter their personal information and appear in a public database that Korean companies can view and follow-up on.

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the Companies Database [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]

This is where Korean companies can enter information about internship opportunities, which then appear in a public database the intern candidates can view and follow-up on.

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Top Websites

Seoul City: Support Center for Foreigners [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]
Seoul City has an internship program for foreign students studying in Korea every winter and summer. Try contacting Seoul City for more info (related article).
KOPRA – Company that strives to find internships in East Asia


(They have internships to a variety of countries, but sometimes they have them for Korea)

Other Websites


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