Information on Korean Translation Certification

I was just asked this week when the ATA is going to offer a certification exam in Korean. While it's been discussed in the ATA's Korean Language Division, I don't think much has been done to move the process forward and my guess is that it won't happen soon. Apparently several years ago there was a push for a certification exam in Bosnian (or was it Croatian?) but after all the effort to get things set up, only a handful of people were actually interested. So the ATA is wanting to make sure there's enough actual demand (not just mild interest) before they go to all that effort again.

However, the ATA isn't the only game in town and I am reminded of a discussion awhile back about this. I learned from Sam Henderson (, another Korean translator, as follows: 

"The Korean Society of Translators offers certification in Korean-English, and (English-Korean), as well as Korean-Chinese and Korean-Japanese. Information is here: Certifications are also offered in Australia (and abroad) through NAATI, and have been offered occasionally in the UK through the Dip. Trans. But I would imagine that the KST is responsible for the bulk of Korean-English certifications in the US market."

Good information; thanks Sam.

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