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Korean Drinking Utensils Classified by Drink Type

Koreans are particular about what goes in what glass. Don't get confused and put the wrong drink in the wrong container! A. Soju B. Beer or carbonated drinks C. Water D. Makgeolli And one that's missing here is the cup for slightly higher quality Korean traditional drinks, like Baeksaeju, Sansachoon,...

The Latest Version of My Business Card

I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the double-sided, folded business card approach. But in the end, I decided it was a bit too "in your face" and so I've innovated a new approach. I now carry two cards: one for Koreans and one for non-Koreans. This...

The Seaweed Chuseok Gift from GAFIC

One of the benefits of being a consultant to the Gyeonggi Province of Foreign Invested Companies is that they do nice things for me. Here's the latest in the form of a Chuseok gift:

My Business Card Stack from the First Half of 2011

As best I can tell, my business card haul from the first half of 2011 is about the same as it was in the latter half of 2010… Click here to compare for yourself! Either way, it's a lot of cards. They have all been dutifully scanned, categorized and shredded.