Korea Business Tip – “What Should I Include in My Resume and Cover Letter When Applying for a Job in Korea?”

As Korean companies expand their operations on the world stage, they are hiring a growing number of non-Koreans for positions both in Korea and overseas. The number of non-Koreans chasing such jobs continues to outpace supply though, especially at the entry level, and so applying effectively is more important than ever.

Unless you’ve networked your way to an unpublished position (it happens!) or have unique talents that would give you global competitiveness just about anywhere, you will have to do your homework and prepare adequately for the process in advance.

To get the full article, visit “Guidelines for Preparing a Resume/CV and Cover Letter/Self-Introduction Letter for Getting a Job in Korea”

Here are the the key points:

Identify what kind of organization you’re applying to.

  • Most multinational companies in Korea follow international standards for hiring and rely heavily on recruiters.
  • Korean companies also rely on recruiters for higher level positions, but if applying at the entry level, you’ll likely go through a Korean HR department.
  • Some “multinational” companies operate in Korea as Korean companies and you may find yourself in a Korean-style process there, too.

About the resume/CV

  • Include a photograph, your birthdate, your nationality and a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Be specific about your background education and work experience
  • Show your commitment to staying and adapting to Korea and your new company
  • Link to online materials which are relevant

About the cover letter

  • Koreans call it a “personal introduction letter”
  • Keep it short, especially if written in English.
  • Translating the self-introduction letter can be a good move as it helps the HR person get to the important information quickly and helps you stand out from the rest of the pack of applicants
  • Point out your visa status if it means the company won’t need to sponsor you

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