Korea Business Tip – “Will Korean Skills Boost My Career Opportunities in Korea?”

Mastering Korean is tough and non-Koreans who have started learning sometimes get discouraged and question how valuable being proficient in Korean really is to their career in Korea.

This is a question I’ve had some opportunity to ponder myself and I’ve reached a few basic conclusions.

Quick Tips for Understanding the Value of Korean Skills in the Korean Job Market

  1. Korean abilities will not fast-track you in your career in Korea.
  2. In some cases, Korean skills may even be a disadvantage.
  3. Korean skills can lead to increased personal fulfillment in one’s job in Korea.
  4. Korean skills can even help you discover and create new roles.
  5. A lack of Korean skills will likely act as a personal and professional drag over time.
  6. Learning Korean is a niche endeavor that narrows (but deepens) your options in Korea.

To read the full commentary, visit Reflections on the Benefits of Learning Korean to One’s Career in Korea

Additional Resources on KBC and Elsewhere about Learning Korean and Surviving in a Korean Company

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