Korea Business Tip: “What Are My Visa Options for Working in Korea Long Term?”

Visa hassles in Korea can be a major impediment to life and business here. Because visas are an ongoing challenge for many foreigners in Korea, we have recently introduced several new resources to help you get the answers you need.

We just completed a new accelerator page on KBC entitled Business Visas. Check out the KBC resources there, as well as links to other sources of information.

Here are a couple articles from my weblog also:

Quick Tips about Business Visas in Korea

People who do not have visa headaches:

  • Koreans and permanent residents
  • Non-Koreans who are married to a Korean
  • Non-Koreans who qualify under the points system

For everybody else… Here are your visa options for working in Korea:

  • If you’re looking for a non-ESL/academic job: D-2, D-7, E-7
  • If you’ve got W100,000,000 (W300,000,000 later this year) to invest in a new company: D-8, D-9
  • If you’re a high-skilled professional in certain designated professions: E-5
  • If you want to work on your own but don’t have much money: NONE!

For full details on these quick tips, study the resources mentioned at the top of the page and/or post your questions/comments below.

I hope you find these new resources helpful!

** BTW, if you come across information here that’s wrong or needs to be updated, please leave a note and share your knowledge!

*** Special thanks to Jared Muloonga and Chris Lott for their involvement in the gathering of this information.

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