Monthly Archive: June 2012

Day in Incheon (1 of 6) – Incheon Train Station

Cauvery and I headed out to Incheon yesterday. He was most interested in visiting the amusement park on Weolmi Island and getting to each jajangmyeon. For me, it was a chance to reflect on the history of the area, both MacArthur's landing at Incheon in 1950, and the foreign community...

Weekend Trip to Mallipo with Family (June 9-10, 2012)

I'm proud to say that on our return on Sunday afternoon, at Seosan we departed from the green route taken down the day before, and headed up the blue route between the highways and managed to avoid all rush hour traffic even though it was a Sunday afternoon, something virtually...

(FATP) Frequently Asked Translation Phrases

(FATP) Frequently Asked Translation Phrases

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