Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) – Supplement to the Article “Three Ways Meeting Koreans for Drinks Will Promote Your Business in Korea”

In my latest column for Seoul Magazine’s December issue, I discuss why drinking on business can be very good for your business in Korea. To go deeper into this topic, visit the links below:

Here are a few additional thoughts I didn’t have room to include in the main article:

  1. Those meeting for meals in Korea who do not drink or don’t drink much are always the focus of curious and disappointed attention and generally find themselves sidelined from the main flow of conversation.
  2. A seasoned pro in the Korean drinking culture should be able to rattle off (and be prepared to prove) the number of mililiters of beer or bottles of soju that he can drink in one sitting, with the same confidence that a Korean might recite their average bowling score or golf handicap.
  3. Finally, you can completely forget about the “designated driver” concept, too. Korea has a fantastic public transport system, cheap taxis and a nifty service where, for a few dollars, you can call a central number and they’ll dispatch someone to come and drive you and your car home before disappearing into the night after you all reach your destination.

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