Testimonials and Answers to the Question “Why Are You Taking This Course?”

Jove M. Sinaga, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“… Thank you for the opportunity to give you some feedback. I think your course material is very useful for insights and my resource to pass the certification exam, and I enjoyed them very much. I also want to take this moment to tell you about the reason I take this certification, that is: to have the acknowledgement from my company for my experience when I did my job assignment in South Korea… So this is quite unusual in the way that I had visited South Korea before I took this course :))

But I think this certification can always be beneficial for me because it can enrich my CV and its course gives me much insights and resource of preparation for the potential visit to South Korea if my company assign me again someday in the future.

So, I appreciate you for all the course material and the certification can do to my professional journey.”

Danny Dixon, Korean Language Learner and Job Seeker (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“… I am really glad that I decided to take your course… I really enjoyed the program. It taught me a lot of things that will be useful for when I move to Korea next May. The courses also helped me better understand my Korean friends (especially the gift-giving part!) I am going to surprise them with my knowledge of Korean business practices! Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the forums.”

Dr. Adam Chee, Chief Advocacy Officer, binaryHealthCare (Certified Korea Business Professional)

… I have been working around the South-East-Asia, East Asia, Oceania region for more than ten years and the reason why I enrolled in the KBC certification was because I recently returned from South Korea (from a working holiday) and chanced upon the program while I was checking on some Korean business culture (I wanted to double-check that I didn’t make a boo-boo on something)…

In fact, what I want to express formally in this discussion forum, is how wonderful this course has been! The only regret I have is not taking it much earlier (if only I had done such a course a decade ago!!).

In addition, a lot of the stuff here can be applied back in business context throughout East Asia – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, in addition to Korea. Not everything but quite a fair bit in general (especially the white envelope practice never use white envelopes in Chinese culture, even if its for Chinese staying in USA).”

Dave Woods, Consultant, Morning Calm Consulting (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“The best of luck with the KBC Professional Certification Program. I’m glad it’s receiving such rave reviews. I will add mine… All in all, very, very good stuff. Thanks for letting me do it.”

Andrew Thomas, English Teacher, Yeongweol (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“I’m taking this course because I believe it will give me a slight edge against people who have not taken this course here in Korea. I’m a permanent resident here and plan to start a business or two in the future, but in the meantime I’m shooting for a business English job, as teaching young children isn’t really my thing. I figure, even though business English isn’t exactly business, doing your course will show people that I’m serious and not just another foreigner puttzing through this wonderful country. Thank you very much for creating this course Mr. Bammel. I believe it is a crucial thing for any foreigner who is serious about business in Korea to have!”

Testimonial AFTER Getting a Better Job in Korea

“Hello Mr. Bammel, I just wanted to drop in and tell you how the KBC Certification has helped me so far. After finishing my contract with EPIK(English Program in Korea) I moved to Seoul to look for Business English teaching opportunities. I found one at The Mavens, a language institute that caters specifically to Business English. The big thing that I was hired for was knowledge of Korean culture, which was handily covered by your program. I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great resource here at Korea Business Central.

Sincerely, Andrew Thomas”

Satnam Jassal, Consultant, Robert Walters Korea (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“Firstly, the course is better than I expected and if I had not been so busy I should have registered whilst I was in London. The content and learning material is well researched from your years of experience and I think it is a unique offering – nice one!

As I posted on my profile, I have just moved from London to Seoul and I intend to live and work in Korea for the foreseeable future, no time-limit. My wife, MiSun has secured a great permanent job in Seoul. I have lived all my life in England, and worked in the City (London) for the last 11 years, so when we decided to move to Korea to live and work, the opportunity was too good to have any regrets.

I have taken this course to understand the Korean business challenges in a structured manner, so that I give myself the best opportunity to create a successful career. I also want to meet and learn about Korean business opportunities and experiences from a range of professionals. I am currently looking for employment opportunities and also using this situation to think about doing “something different”. It’s early days and it is going to be challenging and difficult, and I am sure the KBC certification can only benefit me.”

Testimonial AFTER Getting a Job in Korea

“Thank you for putting together a valuable and very well structured course – I enjoyed it and it was definitely value for money.

I have been thinking of any improvements or suggestions I can give, but there is nothing really to add. I think the online course layout and design is great (quick to access), and the extra reading material gives the chance to delve deeper when needed.

I am happily recommending the course to others on the website myself and to foreigners I meet. I do want to let you know I am interested in other certification courses when they become available.

Very soon after completing the KBC course, I signed a contract for a position with a global executive recruitment consultancy and they specialise in bi-lingual Koreans from mid-manager to CEO level.

As you know I started looking for a new career job in Korea during autumn 2012 – Thanks for the positive vibes through this period, and of course KBC helped me alot. I am certainly going to continue trying to be an active member – I am definitely in Korea for the long game…”

Don Valiant, Senior Specialist, International Affairs & Trade Division, Gyeonggi Provincial Government (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“The course provided concrete structure for the knowledge I’ve gained during my time in Korea. I loved the idea of receiving formal recognition/accreditation for that nebulous cloud of experience. Moreover, the course has also helped open my eyes to aspects of Korean business culture that I had been neglecting; for example, addressing coworkers by their job titles rather than a generic Mr./Ms. OOO, and thus paying more attention to my coworkers as people. (This wasn’t one of my original motivations for taking the course, but it emerged as I progressed through the modules.)”

Jared Muloongo, Recent University Graduate in South Africa (Certified Korea Business Professional)

Before I took the Korea Professional Certification Program, I thought I knew everything about Asia and Korea. A recent International Relations Graduate, I thought I had what it takes to make it big in Korea. But after many failed job applications and no responses, I was ready to give up my dream. Then I came across the Korea Business Central certification course. I had some free time and I thought, “What can I lose by taking this course”. The rest is history!

Now that I completed the course, I feel more confident in approaching Korea whether it is in business or a plain social gathering. I have the tools and the knowledge to understand Korean business culture. It shows, as now all my Korean associates and friends view me in a different light. I now believe I have the foundation to making it big in Korea. Thank you, Korea Business Central!

Tony Jae Kyung Choi, Organizer of Business Network Korea (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“Also, I must say, your certification program is amazing and I benefited from it very much (For the record, I do not get paid to say any of this and think that it will benefit you to take it!). Even being a Korean born Canadian, with two Korean parents, having worked in a Korean company, reading various books and articles on Korean culture and Business in Korea; I learned a handful of things! – From Tony’s recent interview on KBC

Kevin van Balen, Student in the Netherlands (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“The reason for taking this course is because I am searching for a graduation internship in Korea. My ultimate goal is to live and work in Korea and I am hoping that an internship is the first step towards realizing this goal. I want to make as many preparations for possible employment in Korea and I believe understanding Korean business culture (and being able to show showing tangible evidence of that) is a good start.”

Teresa Franklin, Korea University Graduate (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“I started taking the course as a supplement to my job search here in Korea. I just finished my final exams, which were the last of my undergraduate degree from Korea University. In my long search to continue my career in Seoul, I thought it would be good to make sure I filled in all the holes in my understanding of the Korean office environment, and also as a “speck” to put on my resume–as we both know certifications are so important to the resume in Korea. I certainly hope this will help me as I enter the office environment in Korea, and that it will show my employers hard proof that I have made efforts to acclimate. “

Jennifer Fletcher, Intercultural Trainer and Consultant

“As an intercultural trainer and consultant, I am always looking to build my credentials through professional development. And since I am steering my way towards being a Korea specialist, this was a good opportunity to do so. As I am gearing up towards having a greater Korean clientele in the future, this also adds to my credibility in that it increases my network of horizontal ties and memberships. In addition, while I am already pretty well-versed in Korean cultural / business dos and don’ts, I find your modules are filling in some of the details I didn’t know before and are also well organized in terms of topics. So I will surely find them to be good resource for information in the future.

I really enjoyed the course, it definitely filled in some of the gaps for me even though I lived in Korea for two years! A few details were finally explained like why gift boxes were so overpriced! I was smiling a lot of the time while reading the materials because I was reminded of several things that I had forgotten since my time there. A nice surprise for me also was your guide to making business cards. Since I will soon be needing to make business cards, it’s a very good resource.

The material is very well organized, I know a lot of work went into designing and developing the content.”

Hasmukh Panchal, Mechanical Engineer

“It is part of my long-term vision to follow my techno-commercial business plan in the Korean market and I believe the knowledge in the program may be useful to me in that regard.”

Maria Camerotto, Cultural Consultant, Kia Consulting (Certified Korea Business Professional)

“As my interest grew in Korean culture and my business became niche in training others in Korean culture, I realised I had to back myself up by being accredited as a Korean Business Cultural Consultant. The only available courses that came close to doing this were primarily through years of university language degrees. The few courses that may have been available that did not require language as a major are labelled as “Asian Studies” which meant I would have to study other Asian cultures with an elective on South Korea – if offered. None of these lengthy and expensive programs suited my desire to specialise in Korea, its culture and its people.

Your course is the perfect option specialising in my specific business needs being Korean business culture with many cross references into the Korean society. I know there are wonderful Korean facilitators that can “lecture” on Korean culture, however, there is no other course available that is delivered from a Western perspective identifying the differences in the two business cultures which is so important in appreciating and understanding Koreans without biased.

One more thing – the course is online which allows me to study in my own time, around my business needs and most importantly, family. This was also a major advantage for me.

Well done so far – you are on track for me!!”

Rob DeVaun, Project Manager, TalkFree

“I’m an international sales/project manager for a VoIP company (TalkFree) that deals primarily in the Middle East. I have the benefit of being able to work from anywhere in the world, and because my wife is an elementary ed teacher, we decided to give South Korea a try. As someone who enjoys learning about the local market, and has a passion for business, I wanted to have a better understanding of business culture…. The information obtained from the provided lessons has been useful.”

Daniel Lafontaine, Delivery Expert at American Management Association Korea

” My thoughts on learning is that you can learn something from anyone. Well, with the first couple of lessons of the Korea Business Central Professional Certification Program (Business Culture Specialization), my thoughts have been confirmed once again. While Steve and I have worked together for 18 months and friends since, and while our paths have diverged in most instances, we have both been in Korea for most of our working lives. I can honestly say I am learning from this program and not just pieces here and there but as a whole too. Very well thought out, very reasoned-out approach, and on a whole, fun to get through the material. You will enjoy it too whether in whole or in part.”

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