Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell me about the conditions on the 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you decide during your study of the coursework and before attempting the exam that the information in the KBC Professional Certification Program isn’t what you expected, send KBC Creator Steven S. Bammel a message and he’ll give you your money back promptly and without fuss.

2. How do I register?

Visit the registration page at [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]. Scroll down to the bottom where the various specializations are listed. Click “Register and Get Certified!”.

After clicking on the links, you’ll be taken to a payment page to complete your purchase and you’ll then have full access to the the coursework and exam registration link.

3. What is the coursework like?

The coursework is made up of individual learning modules. Each module contains five learning elements: the Textbook, Essential Handouts, Extra Reading, a Lecture and the Classroom.

The Essential Handout of each module links to supplementary information, such as executive reports, videos or blog posts, and the indicated content is part of the coursework and fair game for exam questions.

Each module also contains an Extra Reading section, which includes links to other related information that will enhance your understanding of the respective lesson, but exam questions are not taken from the Extra Reading links and do not have to be studied in order to prepare for the certification exam.

Every module comes with a lecture, which is delivered by email every few days, and throughout this study process, you may also post questions to the classroom in order to clarify unclear points and/or share additional insights. Questions may be based on the course materials and lectures, or just on specific issues that you’ve encountered in life that you’d like to share or know more about. You will receive helpful responses to questions posted in the classroom.

Carefully studying all the course material for one specialization from beginning to end is likely to take around 8-12 hours, depending on how familiar you already are with Korean business.

4. What is the exam like?

The exam is an online test made up of multiple choice and true/false questions which are intended to verify your understanding of Korean business. Many questions are common sense if you are already familiar with Korea and Korean business and/or the coursework.

A few are trick questions and one or two may seem to you to have more than one correct answer. Read the questions carefully and be sure to have familiarized yourself with all of the required content in the coursework and answer according to what you think the exam writers thinks is right based on the information in the coursework and you’ll get a good grade!

All questions on the certification exam are taken from the Textbook and Essential Handout elements of the course; the other elements provide additional insights and opportunities but are not specifically tested on the exam.

To give you an idea what to expect, here are a couple sample questions which are not on the actual exam:

You will have sixty minutes to take the test and you may refer to the coursework while taking it. This means that if you’ve prepared for the test properly, you’ll be confident of most of your answers well within the time-limit. You will also have time to go back through the coursework during the test to double-check the few that you’re unsure of.

5. What if I fail the exam?

If you’ve studied properly, you shouldn’t fail the exam. If you fail, you’ll be notified immediately upon completion. We’ll also email you shortly to tell you how bad we feel for you (no insults though…. we promise!).

You will be given a pass/fail grade. In order to protect the integrity of the question bank, we will not tell you which questions you got right or wrong or provide the answers to questions you missed.

If you still want to be certified, you’ll have to take the exam again. Refer to the certification overview page for the current exam retake price. The purpose of charging for each exam is to encourage students to study the coursework and not just take the exam until getting the desired outcome without proper study.

Remember that the classroom is available for clarifying unclear points and you will receive thoughtful responses to intelligent questions posted there (and which don’t just give away the exam questions).

6. What if I pass the exam?

You’ll get a gorgeous customized certificate that looks like this which you can print and frame on your wall!

We’ll also update your KBC profile photo to show you as a Certified Korea Business Professional like this:

Not only that, you can add your certification to your resume, website, email profile and wherever else you’d like to show off your achievement, such as LinkedIn or Google+.

We’ve got other stuff planned to, but this is what’s been prepared so far.

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