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The Last Two Weeks in Korea

“Love HS’s commentaries. Some just plain funny, and fun coming from a Korean, and some really insightful. Thanks for adding that.”

Marten van Pelt, Senior Vice President, Young & Rubican

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“23 Things They Don’t Tell You About (Korean) Capitalism”

with Prof. Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge University


Full set of 15 issues of the Korea Economic Slice newsletter.

by Robert Eberenz, KBC Member

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What happens to Samsung & LG television market in Korea? What do you make of the Apple-Samsung verdict?
What’s new? Dokdo… not again… Magok District R&D hub set in motion
KOSPI Declines 15% This Year Except Samsung and Hyundai

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Korea Business Central in the News:

Foreigners should not expect ‘freebies’: The Korea Business Central community fills in gaps on doing business locally

December 10, 2012

by Korea Herald Reporter (and KBC Member) Elaine Ramirez

The Last Two Weeks in Korea

All KBC members receive this free newsletter every two weeks!

Books and Other Special Resources

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Steven’s rating:

Asia’s Next Giant: South Korea and Late Industrialization
by Alice H. Amstem

If you want to know how the Korean economic miracle happened (or at least one leading theory of how it happened), read this book. Be ready for a lot of numbers, tables and economic theory.

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Steven’s rating:

한국 자본주의의 개척자들
by 조동성 외

Covering the biographies of 23 founders (and a few second-generation chairmen) of Korean chaebol, Pioneers of Korean Capitalism (my translation of the Korean title) contains fascinating information about the roots of Korean business today. This book is very business friendly, so don’t expect to read here about the negative aspects of these drives of the Miracle on the Han River.

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Korean Dynasty
by Donald Kirk

Got a book recommendation? Disagree with Steven’s book reviews here or elsewhere? Discuss these and other books about Korea and Korean business.

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