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Korea is fast becoming known as the place to invest. However, it is also a difficult destination due to language, culture and other barriers. We’ve put these resources and links together to help you find information, support and other resources you need to invest in Korea.

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“Kimberly-Clark: Innovation in Korea and Beyond”[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]with Rob Everett, Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark’s Innovation Center Asia
“Korea is a Great Destination for Foreign Direct Investment” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]with Commissioner Hank Ahn, Invest Korea

“Homeplus: Tesco’s Investment Success Story on Entering the Korean Market [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]

with Tom Brown, Site Research Director at Homeplus Korea

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Franchise brokering[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] What Kind of Visa Does a Foreigner Need In Order to Open a Restaurant In Korea? [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]
Investment/Trade Promotion in Korea [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] Venture Capital in Korea [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]
International Venture Capital in Korea [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]

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