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Korea Business Central is the place for everyone who wants to make it big in Korea, and the Korea Business Central® Professional Certification Program is our way of helping you do just that.As the only certification program of its kind in the world, the Korea Business Central® Professional Certification Program is your key to early success if you want to build a business in Korea and sell to Korean customers or are looking for a job or an internship — and even if you already have a job or business in Korea and want to further your career.The Korea Business Central® Professional Certification Program will give you the knowledge you need and independent recognition of your expertise to improve your resume and your business results.
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Exclusive Benefits of Certification

  • You will be more effective in your business in Korea by quickly and easily learning the key points of Korean business etiquette and gaining a deep understanding of Korean business culture!
  • You will officially become a Certified Korea Business Professional with a specialty in the respective area or areas and you may add this to your resume, website, email signature and business card — as well as online profiles, such as LinkedIn and Google+!
  • We will announce you as a new Certified Korea Business Professional both on the KBC website and in special broadcasts to the thousands of members in the community, giving you a quick opportunity to promote yourself and build your network.
  • You will be added to an exclusive group on KBC, with a special icon on your KBC profile photo which identifies you as one of our professionals.
  • You will have the opportunity to use your very own KoreaBusinessCentral.com email address, business cards, a printed certificate of your certification and other special and exclusive offers only for Certified Korea Business Professionals.
  • All coursework, coaching and exams are available online right here on Korea Business Central. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can equip yourself immediately for Korea business success.

About the Author

Learn about Korean business from Steven S. Bammel, KBC Creator and veteran business consultant.

  • Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. (President)
  • Hanyang University, Korea (M.S., Management Strategy)
  • Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) – Certified at Highest Level
  • Nojeok Hill Weblog (Commentator on Korean business)

For full business profile: StevenBammel.com

About the Exam

Your course registration gives you six months and one attempt to pass the exam with an 85% or higher. The exam is a one-hour timed test with 50 true/false and multiple-choice questions.

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you will need to register to take it again for $23.

The exam is not hard if you’ve studied the coursework properly, but it’s designed for those committed to success and you should be prepared to invest the time to learn the materials as presented in the coursework.

Learn Effectively Through the Multi-Faceted Approach!

  1. Textbook – Each module includes a “how-to” lesson which covers the basics.
  2. Essential Handouts – The essential handout for each lesson introduces a deeper understanding of the topic.
  3. Extra Reading – Additional learning resources are available for students wanting to go beyond the required learning.
  4. Lectures– Conversational lecture emails are sent every few days to registered students, connecting each module topic to higher-level nuances of Korean business culture.
  5. Classroom – Students are encouraged to share questions and insights in the classroom at any time and can expect prompt replies from the instructor, helping to get answers to real-life questions and tie everything together into a comprehensive learning experience.
  6. Exam – The online exam provides an extra level of purpose to the learning and certifies the expertise of program’s graduates.

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