Walking the Chirisan Doollae-Gil – Overview of Section 7, Eocheon to Woonri


What to Expect

It snowed in the morning when I got there and it still hadn’t melted when I got to the Eunseoksan Heliport, which is the highest point on the path (which apparently is the highest point on the entire Chirisan Doollae-Gil). From there, it was just a timber road to the base, and other than the Dansoksa Temple Site (for history buffs), this course didn’t offer me a lot. On the other hand, perhaps if I’d been able to see more than 10 meters ahead, I would have had some views to enjoy.

Getting There

Take the bus from elsewhere in the country to Hamyang and then a local bus to Sancheong. From Sancheon, bus to Eocheon. Getting to and from Woonri is a bit trickier. For that, go to Hamyang and then take the bus to Weonji Terminal. From there, there are a couple buses each day to Woonri. If you miss the bus, a taxi’ll set you back about W13,000.

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