Yet Another Translation Error in the Korean Version of Windows 7

I already pointed out a translation error in the Korean version of Windows 7 a few months ago.

Here’s one more… and it’s a disgrace!

I mean, how long has Windows 7 been on the market? Are you telling me that for over three years, nobody has told Microsoft that the following message showing up during a Windows Update is grammatically incorrect? Have none of their employees working at Microsoft Korea office noticed?

What are these people doing? (Apparently they weren’t checking — for more than a year, no less! — whether their Windows installation was working correctly either!) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] While Microsoft updates everything else on my computer at the most inconvenient times, are they not able to add a translation correction to the updates?


I can’t reproduce the Korean error in English, but here’s a rough translation of what’s there:

Step 4 of total 4
Configuring service pack 
32% finished
Don’t turn off your computer.
Windows users in Korea will figure it out, but it’s not written correctly. I’m not sure exactly what it’s supposed to say here in English, but the following Korean would be pretty close to my best guess at what should be on the first two lines: “Configuring the 4th of a total of 4 service pack updates”
서비스 팩 업데이트의
전체 4개 중 4번째 구성 중

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