Thrive in a Korean Company: “How can Korea Business Central can help me, as a non-Korean, thrive in a Korean company?”

The following was extracted from a recent interview with me about how to thrive in a Korean company. 



“How can Korea Business Central can help me, as a non-Korean, thrive in a Korean company?”

We have loads of resources on Korea Business Central to help you succeed working for a Korean company. I’ve already mentioned the case-study interviews we’ve done with non-Korean professionals and executives who have worked in Korean companies. I’ve also mentioned the opportunity to connect with peer in other Korean work environments.

We’ve got member discussions about a wide range of Korean business-related topics, including employment in a Korean company. You can seek out advice about your specific questions from experts, and if you’re in Korea, Korea Business Central has hosted business networking events and we have information about upcoming opportunities with many other organizations too, too, including some that are online and available from afar.

Furthermore, as an understanding of Korean business culture is a key factor in your success in a Korean business position, KBC has both free and premium resources to equip you for that success. In fact, our KBC Professional Certification Program allows you to learn and become independently certified in the fundamentals of Korean business culture, which is a great way to prepare for your new position.”

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