More New Year’s Greetings in Korean

Here are a couple of New Year's greetings I received last week, along with the English translations. Don't you like the way Koreans use the word "love" in their business communications too? How sweet…



2011년 한 해 동안 [Name of Law Firm]에

보내 주신 사랑에 감사드립니다.

새해에는 보다 나은 서비스로

더 큰 웃음을 드리는 [Name of Law Firm]가 되겠습니다.

기쁨과 행복이 가득한 2012년 되시길 바라며

고객님의 건강과 소원성취를 기원합니다.


Respectful Congratulations on the New Year

Thank you for the love you have shared

with [Name of Law Firm] during the 2011 year.

We will become a [Name of Law Firm] in the new year

which gives you a bigger smile through better service.

We hope that you 2012 will be a year full of happiness and joy, and

we hope that you are healthy and achieve your wishes.

Thank you.



다사다란했던 한해가 저물어 가고있습니다.

2011년 한 해 깊은 사랑과 관심에 감사드립니다.

밝아오는 새해 만사형통하시고 건강과 행운이 늘 함께 하시길 진심으로 기원 드립니다.

새해에도 변함없는 관심과 사랑을 부탁드리오며

그 사랑에 힘입어 배전의 노력으로 보답드리겠습니다.

Dear directors:

An eventful year is coming to a close.

Thank you for your deep love and interest during the year 2011.

I sincerely wish that everything turns out well for you in the upcoming new year and that you will always enjoy health and good fortune.

I ask for your unflagging interest and love in the new year too, and

I with the energy I get from that love, I will repay you with redoubled effort.




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