Get a Job in Korea: “How do I apply for a job in Korea? Can you break it down for me, step by step?”

The following was extracted from a recent interview with me about how to find a job in Korea. Button_getjob

“How do I apply for a job in Korea?  Can you break it down for me, step by step?”

Sure. The first thing you need to know is that Korean companies have completely different processes for hiring Koreans and non-Koreans. You’re not going to get very far by looking on Korean job boards for positions in Korean companies; those jobs are for Koreans.

Jobs for non-Koreans are far fewer and generally not posted through such traditional channels. Sites like Korea Business Central offer an outlet for these job postings and you should check here and at other sites, most of which we link to for you!

But many hirings just don’t go through a public process and this is where a strong business network like we can help you build here on KBC is crucial.

As for applying, it’s generally a good idea to translate your resume and cover letter to Korean. Even if the person reviewing applications speaks and reads English well, they will still prefer to read a Korean document, as will their boss, who is probably the final decision maker. It also shows your commitment to the position and sets you apart from many of the others who haven’t made this effort.

After submitting your resume, make sure you follow-up, especially if you don’t get a reply. A phone call is good here. Be as cordial as possible and find a way to help the person in charge remember who you are and do so in a way that communicates an extra interest in the position and in Korea, such as by making an attempt to speak Korean or pointing out any Korea-related certifications or other achievements.”

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