Get a Job in Korea: “What Korean industries are hot right now? Where can I find the best jobs?”

The following was extracted from a recent interview with me about how to find a job in Korea. 


“What Korean industries are hot right now? Where can I find the best jobs?”

I’ve already mentioned English teaching, but that’s not our focus on KBC, where many of our members are currently transitioning into business positions that will help them achieve their career goals over the long-term.

In general, Korean companies that are expanding overseas and/or doing business with foreign companies have the biggest demand for non-Korean employees to help them connect with overseas buyers and markets. Major industries in Korea include electronics, automobiles and shipbuilding, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to these.

Thanks to the recent popularity of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, Korean companies and other organizations are currently engaged in a massive effort to package and promote cultural products overseas too, including food, sports, tourism, music and entertainment.

Finally, another hot area is in professional business services, thanks in part to the free trade agreements the Korean government has signed with most of the advanced world.

Training and other professional services to the many foreign companies doing business in Korea is another avenue to pursue.”

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