The Elements of Subtitles, the Recent Book by Korean Translator (and my Colleague!) D. Bannon, Gets a Raving Review

As previously introduced here on Korean Translation Perspective, D. Bannon is probably the best Korean translator of literary works today. His latest project was to translate the subtitles for The Great Queen Seondeok, the blockbuster drama by Korean broadcaster MBC.

To purchase the DVD set on Amazon:


The Great Queen Seondeok

Experience like this makes Bannon uniquely qualified to write about subtitling, and here is his latest creation:

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Finally, here is a review published this month in Midwest Book Review:

“Language is a hard thing to show through text alone, especially when you have dialogue and nothing else. The Elements of Subtitles discusses translating and subtitling modern media and explains that subtitles need to be more than literal translations, and need to truly grasp the nature of the subject. The Elements of Subtitles is a must for anyone who wants to get into the world of translation or simply gain an understanding of why things are done the way they are with foreign media. . . . Practical, user friendly, and replete with illustrative examples, The Elements Of Subtitles will prove to be of immense and practical value for anyone engaged in translating written expressions from other languages into English.”

–  Midwest Book Review (January 2010)

I strongly recommend this book to translators looking to work in literary translation. Korean translators will enjoy a deeper understanding of his examples, but the book is highly useful for translators in any language.

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