Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) – Supplement to the Article “Three Ways Contracts in Korea Are Different”

P1060515In my latest column for Seoul Magazine’s March 2012 issue, I discuss the different perspective from which contracts in Korea are written. For more insights on Korean business practices, including contracts and other legal agreements, check out the links below.

  • Crash Course on Korea Business Success Strategies [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpages/the-crash-course]
  • Experts Corner: Ask Kent Wong about the Legal Aspects of Investing in Korea (See Kent’s answer to Eun-Shil Park’s question for further insights into contracts in Korea. [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcxn/detail/3463326:Comment:66491]
  • The Korea Business Interview Series witht Peter Bartholomew “Promoting the Value of High-Tech Shipbuilding and Traditional Architecture in Korea” (About two thirds of the way through, Peter discusses contracts and Koreans and how to approach this sensitive topic wisely. [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/korea-business-central-390]
  • Topic Central Page on Korea Business Central: Korean Business Savvy

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