A Very Satisfied Client for Design, Translation, Printing and Delivery (US and Korea)

6a011279704a5b28a40133ed783f7a970b-800wiA US company getting ready for a show in Seoul needing creative design, translation and printing of brochures, posters and a banner on very short notice. We were able to bring it all together in-time and the client even sent us the following thank-you note just days ago:


We received the banner and posters and they look fantastic!  Thank you for your patience with us, your flexibility, and the quality of work you provided for us.  You, Dennis, and Catalin truly went beyond the call of duty in getting this done in such a professional and timely manner.
We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

<Client’s name redacted>

[Photo at traditional tea shop in Insadong as I waited to leave for my next appointment. (Taken April 30, 2010)]

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