Monthly Archive: May 2010

Niece’s Wedding at the Wedding Fiesta Noble

My niece, Yeon-Ah, got married on May 16. We attended at the 웨딩 FIESTA 귀족 [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] (“Wedding Fiesta Noble” – gotta love that name!) in northern Seoul. The wedding hall’s tag line: “You of High Birth Are Already Nobility”.

Last of the North Korean Liquor for Us

At the Unification Observatory on Sunday, we picked up a bottle of wine and a bottle of beer from North Korea. With the news that North Korea is cutting all relations with the South, I guess it'll be awhile before we get more premium North Korean products.  

Korean Fencing Will Make You Tall and Skinny

A local Korean fencing hall put this banner advertisement up at Nojeok Hill: [Translation]  HP Best Height (HP Sports) – Recruiting Members  "Mom, I want to be the best!" [photo of girl showing how tall she is] Specialized management of growth and obesity (weight, height, muscles, obesity, predicted height) Seongpo...

Close-Up Portraits of the Pigs in Chungang-Dong, Ansan City

I posted a number of photos about the concrete pigs in the vicinity of my office last month at the following links: /2010/03/more-pigs-and-now-benches-and-streetlights-too /2010/03/there-are-pigs-in-the-street I finally got around to taking closeups of the darling creatures: