Quality and Control Process

We Ensure Quality through Specialization

Language Specialization

Every translation agency maintains a database of translators. Agencies that handle hundreds of languages must keep records of translators in each language, making it impossible to deepen such resources in any meaningful way within such a broad range of languages.

In contrast, our Korean translation resources go deep because we concentrate in just one language. This means that while others struggle to keep up with just a handful of Korean translators, we can call upon the services of many more Korean linguists specializing in narrow fields (particularly for English translations into Korean).

The best quality is produced by a specialist. Click here to request a quote for Korean translation from our specialized team.

Targeted Focus

Within our language specialization, we draw from a large pool of experts in diverse fields like law, medicine, computers and technology, business management, literature, advertising and more and assign just the right Korean translator to each job.

Whatever the subject of your document, the best expert in the field will handle your translation.

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Quality Verification

While agencies handling many languages only verify the quality of their translators indirectly, we can cull and trim our database through direct quality control in which the expertise of the translator in each respective field is verified.

This way you are assured of the highest quality for your translations, guaranteeing your satisfaction and the success of your initiative in Korea.

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Double-Check: Proofreading by a Second Linguist

Our efforts to provide the best for you do not stop here.

All English translations into Korean always include a rigorous quality check. Whether it is a one-page personal letter or a long legal or technical document, a second linguist carefully proofreads the output of the first translator word-for-word with constant references to the original. This ensures quality in the translation process for you both in terms of style and accuracy.

Furthermore, we maintain the files from intermediate steps and will be glad to provide them to you on request at no charge for your internal auditing purposes.

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Our Translations Are Done by Native Speakers in the Target Language

There is a shortage of skilled Korean translators who are native English speakers. One way of getting around this problem is to have a Korean document translated first into English by a native Korean speaker who does not write fluent English. Then, an editor is hired to polish it up for the final delivery.

But this process is only second best. That’s because, if your translation is not performed by a native English-speaker from the beginning, meaning and nuances are nearly always lost, never to be recovered. An editor who cleans up a document of broken English will end up making assumptions about meaning – many of which will be wrong. For many reasons, this two-step process is not efficient and does not deliver the highest quality translation output which is both faithful to the original and easy to understand.

On the other hand, Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. only handles Korean translations into English through native English speaking linguists. Many jobs are even done by Steven himself. If you have a Korean document for translation into English, you will be glad that you had us translate it for you the right way!

Use a translation team that starts with native speakers on all jobs. Click here for your native-speaker quote on translation.

We Use Technology to Raise Quality and Lower Costs

There is more to technology in the translation field than the machine translation sites on the Internet that generate awkward and often unintelligible translated output. The rapidly growing and developing field of computer-aided translation tools is bringing long overdue support to the translation process. This includes programs that promote consistency through reuse of repeated and similar translations, standardized terminology lists, as well as automated quality control functions. We have invested heavily in purchasing and learning the latest software, which we believe is a necessary aspect of delivering higher quality and lower prices to our clients.

Our translation technology doesn’t have anything to do with Google Translate… Click here to request a quote for quality-technology translation on your project.

Steven Bammel

Steven S. Bammel is president and chief translator/consultant at Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.B.A. Economics) and Hanyang University (M.S. Management Strategy), Steven has worked for over twenty years in Korean business and translation. | more about Steven

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