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Korea has been actively seeking out free trade agreements with various countries since 2003 when the country first set up a FTA Roadmap. On KBC, we’ve featured some excellent interviews on this topic, so don’t miss out! In addition to the Korea-US FTA, the number of countries that have signed agreements with Korea is increasing all the time, and KBC will be active in keeping you up-to-date on new developments. Think of this as your one-stop shop for anything Korea FTA related.

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“Understanding Korea’s Legal Industry Under the FTA Era: Opportunities and Challenges”[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/executive-report-10-big-ideas-about-marketing-to-koreans]

with Tom Pinansky, Senior Foreign Attorney at Barun Law

“The US Korean Free Trade Agreement – Where Things Stand and Where They’re Headed”[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcpage/executive-report-10-big-ideas-about-marketing-to-koreans]

with Dr. Victor Cha, former Director for Asian Affairs in the White House

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Korea FTA Guide Podcast/한국 FTA의 길라잡이 팟캐스트 (Korean Content)

한국 FTA산업협회
이창우 회장님과 함께 하는 팟캐스트
이창우 회장님은 (종합상사)LG상사 출신으로 다양한 경험을 소유한 권위있는 무역전문가로서 정부의 여러기관, 기업 그리고 단체와 함께 성공적인 FTA를 위해 기본방향을 제시하고 활동합니다. 이창우 회장님 프로필

Top Legacy Discussions

Printed Copy of KORUS? [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/where-can-i-get-a-printed-copy]
An Evening with Dr. Chung Un-chan, former South Korea Prime Minister[EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/special-kbc-report-an-evening]
Regarding Korea’s Free Trade Agreements [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://stevenbammel.com/category/archives/kbcforum/topics/topic-central-free-trade]

Expert Commentary at Nojeok Hill: My View from the Top: On Korean FTAs
By Steven S. Bammel and Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc.

Korea International FTA Links

Korean FTAs

  • Overview [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://www.mofat.go.kr/english/econtrade/fta/issues/index2.jsp]



  • Official Text
  • Brief Overview [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://ec.europa.eu/creating-opportunities/bilateral-relations/countries/korea/]
  • [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/cfm/doclib_section.cfm?sec=130&langId=en]
Singapore – Korea FTA

Chile – Korea FTA

EFTA – Korea

ASEAN – Korea

India-Korea CEPA

Australia-Korea FTA Negotiations

  • Overview [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://www.dfat.gov.au/fta/akfta/index.html]

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