Monthly Archive: December 2011

The Film Set at Artistic Apartments

Cauvery heard rumors they were waiting for a famous Korean singer to show up for this but after standing around awhile we realized it was just kids from the local arts school doing a project.

Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) – Supplement to the Article “Three Hacks for Effective Korean Business Card Exchanges”

In my latest column for Seoul Magazine’s February 2012 issue, I introduce the three most important steps for exchanging business cards correctly in Korea. Crash Course on Korea Business Success Strategies [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] (Lessons #1, #2 and #3 go into much greater detail about this month’s column topic.)...

Korean Drinking Utensils Classified by Drink Type

Koreans are particular about what goes in what glass. Don't get confused and put the wrong drink in the wrong container! A. Soju B. Beer or carbonated drinks C. Water D. Makgeolli And one that's missing here is the cup for slightly higher quality Korean traditional drinks, like Baeksaeju, Sansachoon,...