Monthly Archive: February 2011

Photos at GAFIC in Suweon with the Governor

These photos are from the meeting on Thursday morning where Governor Kim showed a lot of interest in me and my role with the province, telling the Koreans in the room to make use of me in promoting GyeongGi Province. This followed a dialogue of about five minutes where he...

2011 Study Agreements with Kids

Note the extra clause on Cauvery's agreement stipulating a requirement for good handwriting. Treasure's studying for a touchphone (i.e. "smart phone") and Cauvery's getting a Wii (assuming he stays diligent until the end.)    

My Three Favorite Places in Ansan

We've been back in Korea for about two days and with our climb up Nojeok Hill this morning, I've now been back to my three favorite places in Ansan: home, the office and "the hill".

Garage Sale on Saturday

Before returning to Korea this year, we decided to have a garage sale and get rid of as much unneeded stuff as possible. The event was a huge success,with beautiful weather. We sold virtually everything: freezer, kimchi refrigerator, Hyundai Elantra, trampoline, air conditioner, aquarium and children's bicycles. We even had...