Using Humiliation as a Way to Teach Ansan Citizens to Follow the Traffic Laws

These folks were standing on the corners of the busiest intersection in Ansan holding signs to exhort passerbys to follow the traffic laws. See if you can figure out what they might have done to qualify for this exceptionally rewarding public service opportunity.


Lady on left – "Driving drunk – shake, shake. Life's road – shake, shake. Let's not drive drunk. Ansan Sangrok Police Station"

Man on right – "The line showing where to stop is the road's seat belt. Let's stop at the stopping line. – Ansan Sangrok Police Station"


Man on left – "The seat belt which gets ignored, ignores your life. Let's put on our seat belts. – Ansan Sangrok Police Station"

Man on right – "Trying to anticipate the traffic light causes traffic accidents. Let's obey the traffic lights. – Ansan Sangrok Police Station"

Steven Bammel

Steven S. Bammel is president and chief translator/consultant at Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.B.A. Economics) and Hanyang University (M.S. Management Strategy), Steven has worked for over twenty years in Korean business and translation. | more about Steven

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