Monthly Archive: August 2010

Jeju Island Trip – Near the Dutch Shipwreck Site

Apparently some Dutch guy showed up at this spot in the 1500s and ended up spending over a decade in Korea before leaving (or escaping). Today the area has been turned into quite a mix of sites, from the ship replica to an amusement park, horse riding, a Buddhist temple...

A Recap of Rob Everett’s Exclusive Interview on Korea Business Central – “Transforming Lives, Shaping the Future; Innovation in Korea and Beyond”

Rob Everett is Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark’s Innovation Center Asia located in Korea, and the company’s Global Director of Discovery Research. To listen to the interview, download the .mp3, subscribe in iTunes, read the transcript and/or discuss this interview and this topic with other members of Korea Business Central, visit...

Jeju Island Trip – Cheonji Waterfall – Then and Now

This waterfall in Seogwipo City is a "must visit" destination for honeymooners. So, of course, Myunghee and I visited it on our honeymoon back in 1996; and now, 14-years later, we took a few snaps at the same spots…  A few things have changed over that time… not with the...

Jeju Island Trip – The Beaches

There are a lot of small beaches scattered around the island. We wondered how many (if any) are natural and how many involved shipping in a lot of sand that's not the same color as the volcanic rock.   

Jeju Island Trip – Symbols of the Island

These stone "harubang" statues seem to be the face of Jeju. They are everywhere. The women divers ("haenyeo") bring in seafood from the nearby seabed. It's a dying occupation now though.   It is said that the first inhabitants to Jeju arrived in boats like this:    

Jeju Island Trip – Wando

We departed for Jeju Island from the ferry terminal at Wando Island, which is connected to the Korean mainland by a very short bridge. (Click here to visit in Google Maps.)