The Management at Artist Apartments Strikes Back

I recently posted a photo of a campaign going on at Artist Apartments to eject the current team of homeowners association volunteers. (Click here to view.)

Recently the following notice was attached to our monthly management bill. See translation below it.

Public Notice #2010-32

Public Notice

There is currently a dispute going on at our apartments in the homeowners association.

  1. The Period #16 Representatives Committee which was disbanded has refused to turn over the work (seal) and is now carrying out a long-term tent-based dispute in front of the residents.
  2. The management office has repeatedly asked the Period #16 Representatives Committee for cooperation in the paying of employee wages and ongoing expenses in order to carry out the urgent management work for the 1,485 units until a verdict is reached by the court but we have been refused.
  3. Please understand that if this situation continues, it could result in the loss of provision of hot water and heating if we cannot carry out preparations for rainy season and other legal matters.
  4. Furthermore, as the previous maintenance company's contract has been terminated due to its refusal to refund about W40 million of improperly received service fees, Korea System has been designated as the new maintenance company and is carrying out its work, but…
  5. …we ask you to pay special attention to the fact that the [previous maintenance company] is using the Period #16 representation and petition situation as an excuse not to repay the maintenance service fees and this is interfering in the work.

If the management work is normalized in the future, we employees, starting with the head of the management office, will do our best so that Artist Apartments can become the best apartment complex.

We ask for the wise cooperation of the residents.

May 18, 2010

Head of the Artist Apartment Management Office

Steven Bammel

Steven S. Bammel is president and chief translator/consultant at Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.B.A. Economics) and Hanyang University (M.S. Management Strategy), Steven has worked for over twenty years in Korean business and translation. | more about Steven

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