Interpreter Approach Recommended for Moving Company (Dallas Area)

I got this inquiry today: 

I will be moving several Korean speaking families to the Dallas area and i am interested in finding out how much you would charge to be on site as an interpreter. Some days you may need to be on site for 3-4 hours and some days it may be 6-8 hours.

We won’t be here for the work so I’m not available, but a job like this isn’t well-matched for a professional interpreter and so I didn’t refer it. 

Here’s how I responded to the prospect:

Unfortunately, we’re heading back to Korea tomorrow morning and I wouldn’t be able to support you on the project. Your best bet is probably to check with one of the Korean churches in town and see if they have someone available. You’ll be able to take a more “pocket change” approach with them whereas the rates for a professional interpreter would likely have been considerably over budget.

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