Back on the Keyboard at Nojeok Hill Following Updates to Korea Business Central

The is my first blog post in about a month, having focused my "content creation" juices on other projects lately, in particular a 25-page university term paper in Korean last month and then some pretty intense site development at Korea Business Central and elsewhere.

As of a few days ago, the site still looked like this:

Old Site

Even the above page hides a tremendous amount of work spent rearranging and adding content, etc., but it was this week with the design upgrade by my fantastic web designer Catalin that helped us reach this:

New Site
Next step is to get a steady stream of original content (in particular, podcast interviews with Korean business experts) into the Korea Business Central site to add to the active conversations between members and automatic information updates currently flowing through the various RSS feeds. This has happened much slower than expected but it is now front-and-center on my priority list.

Though my to-do list has shown "Write blog post" every day for the last month, for better or for worse, I'm finally ready to get back into my previous routine.

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