Korean Medical Receipts

Translate your Korean medical receipts and get your international insurance claim processed quickly and easily.

The health care system in Korea is world-class and most Koreans have affordable access to the national health insurance system in Korea. However, visitors to Korea must pay for medical services out of pocket. If you have insurance and need to file a claim, you should hire a good Korean medical receipt translator to translate the documentation for your claim. This ensures that you receive all of the money you are due as quickly as possible.

Working through a medical claim is complicated. Simplify the process with Korean medical receipt translation done right the first time.


  • Work directly with your Korean translator!
  • Accurate and well-written translation
  • Transparent pricing with discount options
  • Guaranteed, on-time delivery
  • Thorough confidentiality of all materials
  • Easy accessibility, communication, and personal service before, during, and after your project



Process your claim quickly and easily by translating your Korean medical receipts.

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“Service was quick; quality was excellent. We completed all of the tasks with Korean Consulting over the Internet. It was the most efficient translation work I’ve ever experienced. One more thing… Price was very competitive.”

Krislyn A. (Hospital and Medical Center – Los Angeles, California)


Before visiting Korea, you should purchase international health insurance. This way, even if you need health care in Korea, you can still claim reimbursement later.

However, to file a claim, you may need the services of a Korean medical receipt translator. This is because most international health insurance policies reimburse your actual costs using documentary evidence of services received. Since Korean medical service providers issue receipts, health care service statements, medical records, and other medical documentation in the Korean language, you may need to have your Korean medical documents translated to English before your insurance company can review your expenses.


The easiest way to get your documents to me for translation is to send me digital files. For small, simple receipts, photos taken on a phone may be adequate. However, for more complicated receipts, such as those issued by large hospitals and medical groups, a clean scan is usually necessary. Attaching these files to an email usually works fine, but if the file sizes are large, I can also send you a link to a free large-file transfer service.

I will prepare the translation of your Korean medical receipts in Microsoft Word and then convert this to a PDF file for you to review and approve. My English translation will be formatted like the original Korean file, so it will be easy to know which text from the Korean file goes with which text in the English translation.

You may also need to have the translation certified, or even notarized. I can provide certified/notarized Korean translation of your medical receipts as well. Be sure to find out from your insurance company and let me know in advance exactly what your certification requirements are so that I can confirm with you the certification wording, process, and format.

Costs and payment

My rates for translation are based on a variety of factors, including the number of pages, the number of words per page, and page formatting complexity. In many cases, I do not need to charge extra form complicated formatted, since I have a library of templates for common receipt types.

Because Korean medical receipts come in all shapes and sizes, I cannot quote you a price before seeing your documents. Once you’ve sent me your documents, I will be glad to review and let you know the cost. Payment is almost always required in advance for these types of documents, and PayPal is usually the easiest and fastest method. My standard turnaround for small jobs is usually 1-2 days; I can also provide same-day service if you are in a rush.


I have translated hundreds of medical receipts from Korean medical care service providers. I understand the Korean medical system, including the Korean health insurance system, and I translate expenses and itemizations correctly. This is important because of the complexity of the health insurance system, and the difficulties of communicating certain contexts in an international context.

I look forward to helping you get reimbursed for your Korean medical insurance claim.