Lists of laws, other important documents, organizations, and datasets


소상공인 보호 및 지원에 관한 법률Act on the Protection of and Support for Micro EnterprisesEnacted in 2015, changing the name of the act from Act on Special Measures for Development of Small and Micro Enterprises to Act on the Protection of and Support for Micro Enterprises
소기업 및 소상공인 지원을 위한 특별조치법Act on Special Measures for Support of Small Enterprises and Micro EnterprisesEnacted in 2001, changing the name of the act from Act on Special Measures for Small Enterprise Support to Act on Special Measures for Development of Small and Micro Enterprises
소기업 지원을 위한 특별조치법Act on Special Measures for Small Enterprise SupportEnacted in 1997
정부조직법Government Organization Act
중소기업기본법Framework Act on Small and Medium EnterprisesDefines small business, on which is based the concept of micro enterprises (referred to as sosanggongin in this study)
산업발전법Industrial Development Act
소상공인 생계형 적합업종 지정에 관한 특별법Special Act on the Designation of Types of Business Suitable for Livelihood of Micro Enterprises
전통시장 및 상접가 육성을 위한 특별법Special Act on the Development of Traditional Markets and Shopping Districts
유통산업발전법Distribution Industry Development Act
부가가치세법Value-Added Tax Act
중소기업협동조합법Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperatives Act

Other official documents

영세 자영업자 종합대책Comprehensive Plan for Weak Self-Employed Workers(2005) 중소기업특별위원회 (Special SME Committee)
저소득층 일자리 소득지원 대책Job and Income Support Measures for Low-Income Groups(2018) 관계부처 합동 (Joint Public Agencies)
소상공인 경쟁력 제고 방안Plan for Improving Micro Enterprise Competitiveness(2012) 관계부처 합동 (Joint Public Agencies)
소상공인 경쟁력 강화방안Plan for Strengthening Micro Enterprise Competitiveness(2016) 관계부처 합동 (Joint Public Agencies)
취약계층 소득보장 강화 합의Agreement on Strengthening Income Guarantees for Disadvantaged Groups(2018) 사회안전망개선위 (Committee to Improve the Social Safety Net)
소상공인/자영업자 지원 대책Support Measures for Micro Enterprises and Self-Employed Workers(2018) 관계부처 합동 (Joint Public Agencies)
소상공인 시장진흥기금 운용·관리규정Regulations on Operation and Management of the Micro Enterprise and Market Promotion Fund중소벤처기업부 (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)


중소벤처기업부Ministry of SMEs and StartupsThe Small and Medium Business Administration was established in 1996 and renamed the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2017.
중소기업청Small and Medium Business AdministrationSee above
소상공인시장진흥공단Small Enterprise and Market Service (SEMAS)The Small Enterprise and Market Service was established in 2014 through the merger of the Agency for Traditional Market Administration (시장경영진흥원) and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (소상공인진흥원).
소상공인진흥원Small Enterprise Development AgencyThe Small Enterprise Support Center (소상공인지원센터) was established in 1999 and absorbed into Small Enterprise Development Agency in 2006.
소공인시장진흥공단Agency for Traditional Market AdministrationThe Market Management Support Center (시장경영지원센터) was established in 2005 and upgraded and renamed the Agency for Traditional Market Administration in 2010.
중소기업중앙회KBIZ Korea Federation of SMEs
한국노동연구원Korea Labor Institute
지식경제부Ministry of Knowledge Economy
국세청National Tax Service
동반성장위원회Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership
중소기업특별위원회Special SME Committee
통계청Statistics Korea
서울신용보증재단Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation
한국청년기업가정신재단Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation
한국고용정보원Korea Employment Information Service


한국노동패널조사Korea Labor and Income Panel Study (KLIPS)Published by the Korea Labor Institute. Similar in design to Panel Study and Income Dynamics (PSID: University of Michigan, USA) and GSOEP (Germany)
경제활동인구조사Economically Active Population SurveyPublished by Statistics Korea. Other related survey datasets and statistics: 가계동향조사, 전국사업체조사 (National Survey of Business Enterprises), 중소기업실태조사 (SME Field Survey), 사업체 기초 통계조사 및 부가조사 (Census on Basic Characteristics of Establishments, and Supplementary Surveys), 가계금융조사 (Survey of Household Finances), 경제총조사 (Economic Census), 도/소매업조사 (Survey of Wholesale & Retail Trade), 서비스업조사 (Service Industry Survey), 가계금융/복지조사 (Survey of Household Finances and Living Conditions), 서비스업생산지수 (Service Industrial Production Index), 국민계정 (National Accounts)
전국 소상공인 실태조사National Microenterprise Field SurveyPublished by the Small Enterprise and Market Service. Other related survey datasets: 전통시장 및 상점가 실태조사 (Field Survey of Traditional Markets and Stores)
소기업소상공인 체감경기(BSI) 조사Micro and Small Enterprise Business Sentiment Survey서울신용보증재단 (Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation)
기업가정신 실태조사Entrepeneurship Field Survey중소벤처기업부 (Ministry of SMEs and Startups), 한국청년기업가정신재단 (Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation)
근로환경조사Labor Environment Survey안전보건공단 산업안전보건연구원 (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency [KOSHA], Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute [OSHRI])
산업·직업별 고용구조조사Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)한국고용정보원 (Korea Employment Information Service)
한국복지패널Korea Welfare Panel Study (KoWePS)한국보건사회연구원 (Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
4개 구역의 상인과 소비자를 대상으로 실태조사Field Survey of Merchants and Consumers in Four Zones of Seoul서울시 (City of Seoul)
서울 자영업자 업종지도Map of Self-Employed Worker Business Types of Seoul서울시 (City of Seoul)
고용노동통계조사Employment and Labor Statistics Survey고용노동부 (Ministry of Employment and Labor)