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When lives are at stake, work with a professional Korean medical translator who delivers accurate work on time.

As a Korean medical translator, I have been helping clients in the medical field translate all kinds of Korean medical documents into English for over twenty years. I deliver on-time with translations that are correct and easy to understand. I also understand the importance of protecting the personal information contained in medical records, and I maintain absolute confidentiality on all of the Korean medical translation work that I handle.

Whether for medical research, medical treatment, insurance processing or product marketing, count on me for high-quality Korean medical translation work.


  • Work directly with your Korean translator!
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  • Transparent pricing with discount options
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  • Thorough confidentiality of all materials
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Achieve life-saving health outcomes with best-practice Korean medical translation services.

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“Service was quick; quality was excellent. We completed all of the tasks with Korean Consulting over the Internet. It was the most efficient translation work I’ve ever experienced. One more thing… Price was very competitive.”

Krislyn A. (Hospital and Medical Center – Los Angeles, California)

Korean medical records

On a Korean to English translation of medical records, I usually receive the source documents from my client as scanned or faxed printouts from a Korean medical services provider. These files include the full written record of past treatment, including physician diagnoses, readings, and other findings from previous tests and exams. Many of the most technical words are written in English, even if the connecting grammar is expressed in Korean. This jumble looks like a mess in its original form, but it becomes a coherent narrative in the English translations I deliver. Contact me if you need a Korean medical translator for the following or other reasons.

Korean medical translation for individuals

Patients who have received medical care in Korea and then wish to continue their treatment outside Korea often need to translate Korean medical receipts. Translating the Korean medical records into English enables the new medical team outside Korea to understand the patient’s medical history and tailor the new treatment plan effectively.

Korean medical translation for medical research

Research organizations outside Korea monitor specific medical conditions through partnerships with hospitals in Korea. When Korean hospitals treat patients meeting certain research criteria, they send the medical records to the sponsor after scrubbing personally identifying information (PII) out of the files. Once these scanned documents reach the international research center, the documents then come to me for translation from Korean to English.

“Greetings: Thank you again, your work was excellent. One of our co-workers here is a native Korean-speaker and we had her review the translation as a double-check, and it got the two thumbs up.  If things move forward with the client in question, we’ll certainly be coming back to you for more translation.  Thank you again!”

Kelly N. Ryan, Data Analyst, Concierge Choice Physicians (Physician Services – Rockville Centre, NY)

Medical insurance claims for medical care received in Korea

Non-Koreans visiting or living in Korea occasionally require medical attention in Korea. The Korean health insurance system is excellent, but short-term visitors and residents typically don’t have access to this system. Therefore, private, international medical insurance can be purchased to cover visitors to Korea during their time in Korea. Patients obtain reimbursement for medical care received by submitting receipts of treatment to the insurance company. Since these treatment receipts and other records are usually written in Korean, I provide the Korean medical translation link in the claims process.

When I work on translations for medical insurance claims, I usually receive scans of a hodgepodge of documents, including ordinary payment receipts, health care services statements on standardized templates, and medical records. I have an in-depth understanding of the Korean medical system through previous work, as well as personal experience. Therefore, I translate all of these documents correctly and clearly, both from a medical standpoint, as well as from a business/insurance standpoint (I am a top Korean financial translator, as well.). If necessary, I am even available to explain key sections and terminology of the document templates used commonly within the Korean health insurance system. 

“Thanks! I will keep you in mind for myself and others. An amazing example of a web-based business!”

Michael S., M.D. (New Jersey Medical School – Newark, NJ)

Translation and back-translation of documentation for clinical trials in Korea

International pharmaceutical companies carry out clinical trials in Korea to develop drugs and other medical products. This complicated process generates large volumes of documentation, including study protocols, consent forms, questionnaires and other study tools, government agency correspondence, approvals, certifications, marketing materials, and others. Some documents are for general information purposes and only require a single-step translation. Others, such as consent forms and study tools, demand a translation/back-translation/validation process. Marketing materials and product documentation (described below) are best handled through a high-quality translation/editing/quality-assurance process.

My team and I deliver the very highest quality work for all of these document types and we customize our approaches to the specific translation requirements. For example, if a client sends me a medical document that has been translate from English to Korean, I employ best practices to provide English back-translations of consent forms to facilitate the validation process. Contact me for all kinds of R&D-related Korean medical translation needs.

“Thank you… I am most grateful to you and your service. We will be your client from now on for these matters. Many thanks.”

Liz G.

Marketing materials and product documentation for pharmaceutical products

Global pharmaceutical firms produce and distribute their products on a global scale. To sell in Korea (or to Koreans living outside Korea), they typically must also translate marketing campaigns and product documentation into Korean, as well. My team and I have translated many medical marketing documents and I make sure that we deliver high-quality every time. Contact me if you need a good Korean translator who also understands the business and marketing aspects of your materials. (Read about my Korean business translation services.)

“Thank you so much, Steven.  As always, the response was quick, and one of our Korean contacts abroad says that the piece reads extremely well.  Wonderful job…again!  Thanks for the good work! Kindest regards,”

Carlos Navarro, Marketing Manager, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (Testing Laboratories – Des Moines, IA)

An excellent Korean medical translator translates the original meaning of Korean medical documents into fluent, correct English

Contact me with your medical Korean translation needs. As a technical Korean translator, I work in a variety of formats, and properly translate both the financial and medical aspects of Korean medical documents. I maintain absolute confidentiality of every document, and I will gladly sign your NDA before viewing the materials.