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Korean medical translations that are correct and easy to read

While my background is strongly oriented toward business, economics and finance, demand for medical translation is huge and growing. For this reason, I am frequently called upon to translate medical documents to English and I have invested the effort over the years to work as a competent medical translator. I don’t write like a doctor, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since I am told that my translations of medical content are easy to understand, precise and, most important, correct. I translate Korean medical documents into excellent English that achieves its purposes.

korean medical translation

Medical records

These medical documents are usually scanned printouts that include the full written record of past treatment, including readings and major findings from previous tests and exams. Many of the most technical words are written in English, while the connecting grammar is all in Korean. This jumble looks like a mess in its original form, but becomes a coherent narrative in the translations I produce.

For individuals

Patients that have received treatment in Korea and then wish to continue their treatment outside Korea often need their Korean medical records translated so that their new medical team can understand their medical history and cater treatment effectively.

For medical research

Research organizations outside Korea monitor specific medical conditions through partnerships with hospitals around the world. When Korean hospitals have patients that meet certain research criteria, they send the medical records to requestor research organizations after scrubbing the documents of personal information. Once these reach the international research center, the documents then come to me for translation from Korean to English.

Medical insurance claims

Non-Koreans visiting Korea for various reasons (tourism, residence, business, etc.) occasionally need medical attention in Korea. If these same people have purchased international medical insurance before their trip to Korea, they then have to submit receipts of treatment to the insurance company in order to claim reimbursement. These projects usually include scans of a hodgepodge of documents that require a good understanding of how the Korean medical system works from a business/insurance standpoint, as well as a medical standpoint. Having an in-depth understanding of the Korean medical system through previous work and personal experience, I not only translate the words correctly, but I also understand the background, and can help clients understand exactly what is what on document templates mainly used in the Korean health insurance system.

Clinical trial documentation

International pharmaceutical companies carry out clinical trials around the world in the process of developing drugs and other medical products. This is a very complicated process and requires large amounts of documentation. such as study protocols, consent forms, questionnaires and other study tools, government agency correspondence, approvals, certifications, marketing materials, and others. Some documents are for general information purpose and only require a single-step translation, but others (such as consent forms and study tools) demand a translation/back-translation/validation process. Others, such as marketing materials, are best handled through a high-quality translation/editing/quality- assurance process. Together with my technical team in Korea for English>Korean workflows, I serve the very highest quality work in all of these processes.