Translator Profile Reference List

The following list of translators shows the exceptionally talented linguists we have had on our team. You won’t be cutting corners when you entrust us with translation of your important documents.

Area(s) of Specialty Name Education Miscellaneous Details Translation Experience
Engineering, Automotive, Machinery J. Kim Seoul National University (Engineering) Worked five years at the Frankfurt branch of Daewoo Heavy Industry and retired as vice-president. Currently auditor for Dongyang Piston, Inc. 20 years
Nuclear Energy S. Kim Hanyang University (Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering) Currently working in nuclear technology research institute. 10 years
Electronics, IT H. Hong Kunkuk University (Electronic Engineering) Worked three years at SK Telecom. Currently working as a freelance translator. 5 years
Electronics, IT K. Jeon Yonsei University (Physics)
Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Worked seven years at Samsung Display System. Operated an IT venture business for three years. Currently working as a freelance translator. 8 years
Electronics, IT J. Ahn Kyungpook National University (Physics)
Columbia University (MBA)
Has worked as a manager at SK Telecom since 1998. 10 years
Medical, Pharmaceutical H. Lee Seoul National University (Pharmacy) Worked ten years at Daewoong Pharm. Co. Currently working as a freelance translator. 9 years
Chemistry, Medicine, Patents I. Kim Ewha Women’s University (Chemistry) Worked fifteen years at Hansung International Law and Patent Office. Currently working as a freelance translator. 18 years
Biology, Genetic Engineering, Patents H. Ahn Kyungbuk National University (Biology) Worked fifteen years at Kim & Cho International Patent Office; Currently working as a general manager. 13 years
Chemistry, Medicine, Patents E. Seo Chonnam National University (Chemistry) Worked eight years at Kim & Chang International Law and Patent Office. Currently working as a freelance translator. 15 years
Chemistry, Economics H. Yoon Yonsei University (Chemistry)
Carnegie Mellon University (Economics)
Currently working as a manager at ITS Consulting Office. 5 years
Mechanical Engineering S. In Seoul National University (Mechanical Engineering) Worked twenty years at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Currently working as a freelancer. 6 years
Microorganism, Medical J. Lee Seoul National University (Microbiology)
Yale University (Ph. D.)
Worked ten years at Pacific Technology Institute. Currently working as a researcher at Samsung Medical Center. 7 years
Business Administration, IT. Trade H. Song Seoul National University (Resources Engineering)
London University (MBA)
Worked ten years at Korea Development Bank. Operated a business consulting office for years. Currently working as a freelance translator. 11 years
Law, Contracts J. Lee Chungang University (Law) Worked thirteen years at Kwangjang Law Firm. Currently working as a senior researcher. 9 years
Finance, Law, Contracts S. Yoon Seoul National University (Commerce) Worked eleven years at Daewoo Corporation. Currently operating an international trading company. 10 years
Law, Social Sciences J. Chon California State University (History) Worked eight years in a law firm. Worked three years as a translator at Samsung SDI. Currently working as a freelancer. 7 years
Humanities, Education M. Ahn Sungkyunkwan University (Society) Worked nine years at Doosan Publishing Co. Currently working as a freelance translator. 10 years
Finance, Research H. Lee Berkeley University (Business Administration) Worked eight years at Gallup Research Co. Worked five years as a managing editor for AP Internet News. Currently working as a freelance translator. 13 years
Marketing, Law S. Woo Kyung Hee University (Law)
Western Illinois University (English)
Worked three years as a stock clerk for Northwest Airlines at Kimpo Airport. Worked six years in overseas marketing at Intech. Has worked five years as a local staff at the US Embassy in Seoul. 12 years
Tax, Business Administration, Finance D. Yu Korea National Open College (Business Administration, Economics)
Douglas College, Financial Services Management Program
Worked seven years in the National Tax Service. Worked two years as a tax accountant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Operated a tax accounting and consulting office for seven years. Currently working as a tax accountant at a tax advisory firm. 5 years
Insurance, Mechanics, Chemicals S. Hong Seoul National University (Botany) Worked for several years in quality control for one of Korea’s largest translation agencies, including many large projects. 14 years
Health & Medical, Fashion, Corporate Ethics E. Jang Sejong University (English Literature) 18 years
IT, Journalism J. . Lee Sungkyunkwan University (Broadcasting/French Literature) Completed advanced English course in US. Particularly skilled in movie translations. 3 years
Business, Legal, IT I. Kim Kyunghee University (Business Administration) Graduated from high school in USA. 4 years
Humanity, Society, Art S. Y. Kang Ewha Women’s University (Special Education) Worked as in-house translator for translation agency in Korea. 2 years
Patents, Theses, Corporate Materials, Contracts, Philosophy C. Jeong Korea University (Business Administration) Lived in UK for five years and has travelled to over 20 countries. 5 years
Economics, Banking, Tourism J. Kim Hankuk University of Foreign Languages (French Literature/Politics) Worked in foreign company for ten years. 10 years
Agriculture, Religion, Medical Equipment S. Lee Ehwa University, Graduate School of Interpretation (English) 3 years
IT, Nuclear Power, Games, Administration, Human Rights M. Park Handong University, Department of International Culture (English, International Communications) 7 years
Mechanics, IT, Localization, Electronics J. Lee Korea National Open University (English/Computers) 21 years
Finance, Marketing S. Oh Yonsei University, Department of Business Administration Worked on marketing team for Hana Allianz at Hana Bank, as well as in marketing for Franklin Templeton. 2 years
Education, Children, Literature S. Lee Jeju University (English) Since May 1999, has lived in US, Japan, Ghana and Laos. 6 years
Computers, IT, Humanity & Society S. Park Delhi University (Delhi, India – History) Worked as quality manager of freelancer translators at translation agency in Korea. 9 years
Medical, Pharmaceuticals J. Lee Catholic University, Department of Medicine Currently a medical doctor. 4 years
Software Localization, Measurement Devices, Mechanical Product Manuals I. Kim Hoseo University (Materials Engineering) Worked for two years as researcher at Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). Worked seven years in translation agency specializing in IT materials. 9 years
Management, Business, Trade, Legal M. Hwang Ewha Women’s University (English)
Korea University (American Literature)
Worked in finance company, as well as in-house translator. 7 years
Journalism, Chemistry, Health and Welfare Y. Oh Kyeongbook University (Veterinary Studies)
Kyunghee University, Graduate School of Translation and Interpreting
Worked as flight attendant. In charge of translating English economic journals at Samsung Economic Research Institute. 6 years
Social Welfare, Management S. Jeon Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia – Postgraduate Diploma of Translation and Interpreting) 11 years
Movies, Art K. Shon California Institute of Art, (Valencia, CA – Film Studies) Has worked for various American studios as an animator, production manager and art technician. 3 years
Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanics, Nuclear Power, Industrial Safety, International Contracts S. Moon Seoul National University (Medical Engineering)
Choongnam University, Graduate School (Chemical Engineering)
Worked in various large companies in charge of various technologies. Carried out both domestic and overseas projects. 12 years

Steven Bammel

Steven S. Bammel is president and chief translator/consultant at Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.B.A. Economics) and Hanyang University (M.S. Management Strategy), Steven has worked for over twenty years in Korean business and translation. | more about Steven

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