Examples of Translation Jobs Handled

My team and I have handled more than 15,000 discrete translation projects over the years; the following are a few examples of the types of work we handle, many on a very regular basis. Due to confidentiality commitments, I have not included any customer-identifiable information in the lists below.

Jobs I’ve Translated from Korean to English

  • Countless Korean family documents, including family census registers (호적등본, aka “Korean birth certificate”) and the new certificate format (basic certificate, family relationship certificate, marriage relationship certificate)
  • Personal letters
  • Business emails (especially for litigation cases)
  • Korean medical records and receipts, including for medical insurance claims
  • Business receipts in Korea, including for business reimbursements
  • Korean bank statements
  • Korean online game dialogue
  • Korean financial statements, notes to the financial statements and auditor opinions
  • Korean legal documents, such as Korean lease agreements, business agreements, intellectual property protection agreements and others, as well as legal complaints
  • Clinical trial translations (mainly back-translations of clinical trial consent forms and other related documentation to be used in clinical trials in Korea)
  • Many Korean newspaper articles
  • Korean-language survey responses, including those filled out in response to surveys of Korean employees and customers of multinational corporations, physicians involved in medical research, and others
  • Marketing materials for Korean companies targeting non-Korean buyers and investors
  • Academic articles and dissertations
  • Academic and professional degrees and certifications
  • Product ingredient lists
  • Korean patents of all types
  • Transcripts of Korean videos
  • Korean legislation and other legal regulations
  • Back-translations of marketing materials first translated into Korean
  • Insurance adjuster reports
  • Korean RFQ and RFP materials
  • Korean-language whistleblower reports
  • Business case studies

Jobs My Team Has Handled from English to Korean

  • Website content for Korean visitors
  • Advertisements to Korean customers, especially to Korean-Americans
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Users manuals of all types which require a Korean version
  • GUI content for computer software, including mobile apps
  • Machinery warning labels
  • Zillions of business cards
  • Surveys of Korean consumers, site visitors, employees and others
  • Government literature for Korean-American readers, including public service announcements, information about available services, and others
  • Messages to students and parents of students studying in the US and other countries
  • Health insurance-related materials for Korean buyers
  • Marketing videos, including captions and voice-over content
  • Proposals of Western suppoers to Korean companies
  • Business correspondence between Western and Korean companies
  • Patents of all types, including chemical patents, software patents, mechanical patents and others
  • Religious materials
  • Documents and online resources to facilitate ethics reporting violations within multinational companies
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Reports and announcements by national and multinational para-governmental organizations

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