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Professional Writings

Professional Writings

Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] “What is a Korean FELO?” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] (April 2012) – Supplemental Information “Three Ways Contracts in Korea are Different” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:] (March 2012) – Supplemental Information “Three Hacks for Effective Korean Business Card Exchanges” [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:...

Certificate of Translation Competence, Grade I

In April I posted my Certificate of Translation Competence, Grade II. I went back for the Grade I test last month and just got notification online that I passed. Until I receive the official certificate by mail, this screenshot from the Korean Society of Translators will have to suffice as evidence...

Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) – Supplement to the Article “Two Things to Remember About Korean Job Titles”

My latest column for Seoul Magazine’s September issue discussed job titles in Korea and how the traditional organizational hierarchy is alive and well in Korean companies. To go deeper into this topic, visit the links below. “Succeed in Korea By Understanding Korean Company Hierarchy [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED:]” – This five-page...

My Business Card Stack from the First Half of 2011

As best I can tell, my business card haul from the first half of 2011 is about the same as it was in the latter half of 2010… Click here to compare for yourself! Either way, it's a lot of cards. They have all been dutifully scanned, categorized and shredded.